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Transformers and Their little pony pt 3
                                                                                                              Transformers and Their little pony pt 3

   In space, a shadow is engulfing the earth.  Marissa Faireborn, leader of Earth’s defense, is thinking about what’s going on.
“What is that thing?” she says.  
“It’s as big as the moon,” says one of the scientists.
“Humans…” says the shadow.  “I have come to destroy the earth, unless you give me the Matrix of Leadership.  Bring me the last of the primes.”
Meanwhile, in Equestria, Scarlett, Heavy Duty, and General Joseph Colton are about to meet their sentence.
“Do you feel remorse for the destruction you have done?” says Luna.
“No,” says the General.
“We are humanity’s hope.  People die, sometimes the very closest to us,” says Scarlett.
“How dare you? You still think you have a noble cause, when you open fire on innocent creatures!  Your leaders attack other worlds, attack a school, and even sacrifice your own!” says Luna.
“We were only doing what we believe is right,” says Heavy Duty.
“Enough! Your sentence is to repair the damage you have done to all these worlds you have attacked,” says Luna.
“And what about the Autobots?” says the General.
“Optimus and the Autobots will defend us,” says Luna.
Meanwhile, the U.S. army is attacking dragons.  The dragons try to defend themselves, but the army used Dark Energon to gain the upper hand.
Suddenly, Optimus Prime and the Autobots appear.
“Autobots, charge!” says Optimus.  The Autobots are winning, forcing the army to retreat.  
“Thank you for your help,” says the dragon king.
“You are most welcome,” says Optimus.
“I am so sorry about what happened to you,” says the dragon king.
“It is true that humans have betrayed us, but we decided Equestria is our home,” says Optimus.
“You should return to your friends,” says the dragon king.
Meanwhile in Ponyville, Spike is fishing with an Autobot named Hot Rod.
“Wow, you caught a big fish!” says Hot Rod.
“It’s slipping!” says Spike.
Hot Rod helps Spike, and together they catch the fish.  Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie saw the two.
“Those two are having fun,” says Rainbow Dash.  
“Hot Rod is like a brother to Spike,” says Twilight.
Applejack looks at Ponyville.
“Things sound a little bit quiet since the peace treaty was broken,” says Applejack.
“Yeah, it was really awful.  I see humans shooting at other humans, it was horrible,” says Fluttershy.
“So, what about him?” says Rarity, looking to Snake Eyes, who is sitting down.
“He’s also been through a lot,” says Twilight.
Pinkie Pie comes to Snake Eyes.  “I brought you a cupcake,” whispers Pinkie Pie.
The Autobots and Optimus return.
“Are the dragons safe?” says Spike.
“Yes, they are safe,” says Optimus.
“Do you ever think the humans are trying to conquer Equestria?” says Twilight.
“I don’t know about that, but we’re here to defend our home and our friends.”
Meanwhile, in the human world, Marissa Faireborn is preparing her troops to go to Equestria.  
“Our mission is to rescue the G.I. Joe and take the Matrix of Leadership.  They’re imprisoned in the Crystal Empire,” says Marissa.
“What about the Autobots?” says one of the troops.
“Leave that to me,” says Marissa.
Meanwhile, in Equestria, it was night.  Optimus is with Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Cliffjumper.
“You know, these ponies appreciate us more,” says Cliffjumper.
“You’re right.  Though, I wonder why these humans keep attacking Equestria,” says Optimus.
“Yeah, why would they attack such a peaceful place,” says Sideswipe.
“Because they have something that we want,” says Marissa, from behind them.
“How do you humans keep getting to Equestria?” says Sideswipe.
“We have machines that cross dimensions.  Listen, I’m not here to fight.  I came to bargain,” says Marissa.
“What do you want?” says Optimus.
“I want you to go back to your planet,” says Marissa.
“I hate to break this to you, but, our planet, Cybertron, is dead,” says Sideswipe.
“Really? Look at this,” says Marissa, holding up a telescope. They see their planet, Cybertron.
“It can’t be! Cybertron?! Is full of life?!” says Optimus.
“That’s right,” says Marissa. “I used these things called dragon balls to make a wish that Cybertron would survive.  All I need from you Autobots is to go to Cybertron and never leave.”
“Wait a minute…what are you going to do with all those ponies?” says Cliffjumper.
“We are here to rescue the G.I. Joe. If they won’t cooperate, we have no choice but to attack them,” says Marissa.
“Cliffjumper, where’re the G.I. Joes?” says Optimus.
“I think in the Crystal Empire,” says Cliffjumper.
“We have to go warn them,” says Optimus.
Optimus transforms into a truck, and the Autobots transform into cars to quickly go to the Crystal Empire.  But Marissa uses a satellite to fire into dimensions; the Autobots see this and quickly get out of the way.
“Fire again!” orders Marissa.  It fires, and the Autobots get out of the way again.
“If we go to the Crystal Empire, that beam will destroy it,” says Optimus.
Meanwhile, in the Crystal Empire, Marissa’s troops are infiltrating.  Shining Armor and Cadence spotted them.
“What are you doing here?” says Shining Armor.
“We came to talk,” says one of the troops.
“You’re holding weapons,” says Shining Armor.
“Only for defense,” says one of the troops.
“You keep saying ‘defense,’ but, you keep attacking us,” says Shining Armor.
“We thought you were a threat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start over,” says one of the troops.
Suddenly Hot Rod appears.  “Don’t listen to him! It’s a trap!” yells Hot Rod.  One of the troops pulls a pin out of a grenade.
“Guards!” yells Shining Armor.  The guards come and there is a fight between the guards and the troops.  The satellite is losing power, giving Optimus and the Autobots time to warn the ponies.  Twilight and Rainbow Dash arrive at the Crystal Empire.  
“What’s going on?” says Twilight.
“Humans are attacking!” says Cadence.
One of the troops grabs Flurry Heart.  “Stand down! Or I’ll shoot her!” he yells.
Optimus and the Autobots came.
“Optimus Prime, give us the Matrix of Leadership.”
Optimus gives the troops the Matrix of Leadership.  
“Alright, you have the Matrix of Leadership, now let her go!” says Hot Rod.
“Not yet.  Bring us the G.I. Joes,” says one of the troops.
Shining Armor orders one of his guards to bring the G.I. Joes, and the troops let go of Flurry Heart.
“You might think of us as monsters.  We consider ourselves survivors,” says one of the troops.
“What are you talking about?” says Optimus.
“A being known as Unicron is coming.”
Optimus is shocked.
“Listen, Unicron, can’t be reasoned with!” says Sideswipe.
“It’s too late.  For Earth’s survival, Equestria must be sacrificed.”  And with that, the troops leave with the G.I. Joes.
“I thought this day would never come,” says Optimus.
“Optimus, who is Unicron?” says Rainbow Dash.
“There are two brothers; one creates life, and one destroys it.  They both battle endlessly.  With the help of the Primes, Unicron was defeated.  Until now…”says Optimus.
Meanwhile, in the human world, Marissa is about to give the Matrix of Leadership to Unicron.
“You have the Matrix of Leadership.  You did well.  However, you betrayed the Autobots out of fear,” says Unicron.
“Listen, we have a deal,” says Marissa.
“SILENCE!” shouted Unicron.  “I have grown tired of your arrogance.  Your troops have injected Dark Energon.  Dark Energon is made of my blood.  They are under my control.  Both Earth and Equestria are…BOTH…MINE!”
Meanwhile, in Equestria, Optimus is trying to figure out what to do.  Suddenly, Skywarp appears.
“What do you want?” says Rainbow Dash.
“I want to help,” says Skywarp.
“Wait, why should we trust you?” says Sideswipe.
“Because, I know where the Matrix of Leadership is,” says Skywarp.
“Where is it?” says Twilight.
“It’s in the G.I. Joes’ base.”
Suddenly, Snake Eyes shows up and wants to join the group.
“And how are we supposed to trust you?” says Rainbow Dash.
“I think we should trust him,” says Hot Rod.
“Well, it’s settled then.  Autobots, let’s go to the human world.  Let’s get the Matrix of Leadership, and destroy Unicron,” says Optimus.
The group goes to the human world and goes to G.I. Joes’ base.  Twilight and Rainbow Dash go to the G.I. Joes’ base
“There is it, the Matrix of Leadership,” says Rainbow Dash.
“Let’s give it to Optimus,” says Twilight.
Suddenly, they are spotted by Scarlett.  “Where are the Autobots?” she says.
“Listen, we can stop Unicron.  All we need is the Matrix of Leadership,” says Twilight.
“Don’t you get it? They’re machines! They can’t be trusted!” says Scarlett.
“What is your problem with Autobots?!” says Rainbow Dash.
“What’s my problem with them?  I’ll tell you.  Every since they brought their war to Earth, they caused so much damage,” says Scarlett.
“Listen, I’m sorry that happened, but you can’t just blame an entire race for that!  They’re the only way that both Earth and Equestria survived,” says Twilight.
“If you don’t, there’re going to be some consequences,” says Rainbow Dash.
“You’re right about one thing, there will be consequences!  All of the Transformers are the enemy! And those with them are too!” says Scarlett.  And with that, Rainbow Dash and Scarlett begin to fight.  After a few minutes of fighting, Snake Eyes pushes them apart.
“Snake Eyes, you too?” says Scarlett.  
“Snake Eyes knows what’s at stake here,” says Twilight.  “If you truly want to protect your country, you must hand over the Matrix of Leadership.”
Scarlett reluctantly gives them the Matrix of Leadership.
“You do realize he’s just one robot,” says Scarlett.
“One person can make the difference, and also, there’s more to them than what meets the eye,” says Twilight.
And with that, Rainbow Dash and Twilight leave.  They quickly run to Optimus and the Autobots.
“Here’s the Matrix of Leadership!” says Rainbow Dash.
“Well done, you two,” says Optimus.
“Prime,” says Unicron.
“Unicron.  I asked that you spare Earth and Equestria,” says Optimus.
“And what price did you give to me?” says Unicron.
“For starters, he won’t kick your butt!” says Rainbow Dash.
“Silence, life form!” says Unicron.  “I decide who lives and who dies.”  Unicron was transforming into his robot form.
“Unicron, I can’t let you do this.  I have seen Equestria is full of life.  And though the humans have betrayed us, I can’t let you destroy the earth,” says Optimus.
“And you, will die with them. Join them in obliteration!” says Unicron.  
Unicron raises his hand and crushes it to the earth.  Hot Rod calls the G.I. Joes. “Do you have any nuclear missiles?” says Hot Rod.
“Just this big one,” says Heavy Duty.
“One big one is all we need,” says Hot Rod.
While Unicron is attacking the earth, Optimus is trying to stop Unicron.
“You are a fool, Prime, as long as hatred exists.  I cannot be destroyed.  Now die!”
Unicron is about to use an energy beam, but Hot Rod says, “NOW!!!”
And the G.I. Joes open fire, hitting Unicron in the chest, weakening him.  This gives Optimus time to attack him.  
“With the power of the Matrix of Leadership, it is time to light our darkest hour!” says Optimus.
Using the power of the Matrix of Leadership, its beams hit Unicron in his chest, destroying him.
“DESTINY! YOU CANNOT DESTROY MY DESTINY!” yells Unicron, exploding one body part after another until he is no more.
“YES! It’s over!” says Rainbow Dash.
“We did it,” says Hot Rod.
The G.I. Joes saw this.
“What’re we going to do now?” says Heavy Duty.
“Nothing.  We’re going to do nothing,” says Scarlett.
The next day, in Equestria, some of the Autobots are leaving to their home, Cybertron, while others decide to stay in Equestria.
“Hot Rod, can I have a word with you?” says Optimus.
“What is it, Optimus?” says Hot Rod.
“You have shown kindness, and leadership.  You warned us of dangers, and because of you, Earth and Equestria are safe.  You, at this day, are now the leader of the Autobots,” says Optimus Prime.
“Optimus, I don’t know what to say,” says Hot Rod.
“I know you will be a great leader.  Form this day, your name will be Rodimus Prime,” says Optimus, giving the Matrix of Leadership to Rodimus.
“Thank you, Optimus,” says Rodimus Prime.
“Spike is going to miss you,” says Twilight.
“I’ll visit, if I get the chance,” says Rodimus.  Rodimus is about to go to the ship.
“Autobots, let’s go to Cybertron and make it into a peaceful planet.” And the ship goes to Cybertron.
“Allies come in different forms, shapes, and sizes.  The Autobots are blessed with such allies.  Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eyes.  I am Optimus Prime.  We will face challenges, and there will be darker times, but the day will never come that we forsake our friends; because friendship is powerful.”
Star Fox and The Swat Kats
                                                                                                                Star Fox and The Swat Kats

   In Mega Kat City, the cat people are enjoying their peaceful lives.  Then, they saw a purple light coming down.  Commander Feral and his Enforcers are looking down at the crater and see purple crystals.
“What is this?” says one of the Enforcers.
“I don’t know, but I’m getting to the bottom of this now!” says Feral.
Meanwhile in space, the Star Fox team is enjoying their break in their ship.  Slippy Toad was fixing Rob the Robot.  Falco Lombardi is trying to fix their jet.
“Hey, Fox! Want to help me out?” says Falco.
“Sure thing, Falco,” says Fox McCloud.
Suddenly, Peppy Hare is running to the team.  
“Everybody, we have a mission,” says Peppy.  
General Pepper is on the video phone.
“General Pepper, here.  There’s this purple energy that landed on Mega Kat City.  If this continues, it might affect the planet.  Your job is find out what it is and get rid of it,” say General Pepper.
The team goes in their jets.
“Star Fox, move out,” says Fox McCloud.
The team goes on the planet and lands on Mega Kat City.  They saw the purple crystals.
“What are those things?” says Falco.
“I don’t know, but it kind of gives me the creeps,” says Slippy.
Suddenly, the city is under attack by a big, giant monster.
“Everyone, we’ll have to worry about the crystals later! We have to fight the monster,” says Fox.
In a station, two cat people saw this on television.
“It looks like there’s trouble,” says one of the cats.
“Well, that’s our cue,” says another cat.  Then the two cat people to their jet to suit up.  They fly off to fight the monster.  
“Man, this monster is really starting to get on my nerves,” says Falco.
Suddenly, a jet blasts the monster.
“Hey, who are you two, in the jet?”
“We are the Swat Kats.”
“Swat Kats, you might want to aim for its mouth, that’s its weak spot,” says Fox.
And the Swat Kats open fire on its mouth and it collapses.
“Bullseye!” say the Swat Kats.
The Star Fox team and the Swat Kats meet underground.
“That was some fine shooting,” says Fox.  
“So, who are you guys?” says Slippy.
“My name is T-Bone.”
“And my name is Razor.”
“So, do you have any idea what these purple crystals are?” says Peppy.
“Hmph, beats me,” says Razor.
Suddenly, Feral appears.
“I should have known you Swat Kats are causing this damage,” says Feral.
“Stand down.  No one got hurt, and that’s what is important,” says Fox.
“And who are you?” says Feral.
“I’m Fox McCloud, leader of Star Fox.  We’ve been sent by General Pepper to find out what this purple crystal is.”
“Well, good luck with that,” and with that, Feral leaves.
“Well, he’s certainly a grouch,” says Slippy.
“Eh, you get used to it,” says T-Bone.
Meanwhile, in his base, Dark Kat saw this on the news.
“Hmm.  Those Swat Kats are more persistent than I thought.  No matter;  I will unlock the secret of these crystals and destroy the Swat Kats,” says Dark Kat.
Back at the city, the team put the purple crystals gently in a glass, analyzing it for what it is.
“So, what is it?” says Fox.
“The computers will tell us what it is,” says Slippy.
“According to this, it’s called Dark Energon.”
“What’s Dark Energon?” says Razor.
“I don’t know,” says Slippy.
“So, how’re we going to get rid of it?” say T-Bone.
“Why can’t we just blast it?” says Falco.
“Ok.  Let’s try that,” says Fox.
They gently put the crystal on the ground, and Fox uses his blaster to shoot the crystal and destroy it.
“Well, that was simple,” says T-Bone.
Little did anybody know that Dark Kat’s minions are grabbing the crystals.
“Hey! Get away from there!” says Falco.  The minions run away.
“It must be Dark Kat,” says Razor.
“Something tells me that this ‘Dark Kat’ is not a good person,” says Falco.
“No, he’s not,” says T-Bone.
“Well, no time to waste.  Let’s go find him,” says Fox.
The team follows the minions to Dark Kat’s hideout.
“Well done, my minions.  Now, I will harness the power of these crystals,” says Dark Kat.
“Guess again, Dark Kat!” says Razor.
“So, you’ve finally come, Swat Kats.  And you must be Star Fox.”
“It’s over, Dark Kat!  Surrender the crystals,” says Fox.
“I do not think so,” says Dark Kat.  He orders his minions to attack.  But one by one, the team defeated the minions.
“Is that all you’ve got, Dark Kat?” says T-Bone.
“You think so?” says Dark Kat.
He held a crystal high in the air, looked at it, then plunged it into his chest.
“Aw, man, that’s nuts!” says Slippy.
Dark Kat’s eyes turn purple.
“This power…I will not only rule Mega Kat City, but the whole Universe…Swat Kats, you have interfered with my plans for the last time!” says Dark Kat.
With that, he placed his hand on the ground and purple crystals come up out of it.  The team gets out of the way and goes outside where they saw Dark Kat turn his hideout into a castle.
“Man, why do they always do that?” says Falco.
“Let’s fall back for now.  We have to get our jets,” says Fox.
“Yes, retreat for now, and show me your full potential.  It will be your last,” says Dark Kat.
Back in the city, the team is planning.  
“These crystals are very dangerous.  If we bomb them, that might destroy them,” says Fox.
“Well, no rest for the best,” says T-Bone.
“Man, you guys are really great at flying,” says Peppy.
“After all this is over, do you want to join us? says Fox.
“Sorry, our place is here,” says Razor.
“I was wondering, what makes you who you are?” says Slippy.
“Well, we used to be part of The Enforcers.  We were about to shoot a criminal down, but Feral got in the way.  It barely destroyed The Enforcers’ base.  He blames us for it.  And he sent us to a junk yard.  But we used the broken parts to make a ship and all kinds of other gadgets.  And that’s how we became the Swat Kats,” says Razor.
“Well, not giving up.  I like that,” says Falco.
“Well, everyone, let’s go to our jets, and stop Dark Kat,” says Fox.
Meanwhile, in the castle, Feral and his Enforcers are trying to blast the crystals, but with no affect.
“Curses! There’s no other way to get through there!” says Feral.
Suddenly, Star Fox and Swat Kats appear.
“Blast the crystals!” says Fox.  And with that, they blast the crystals, leaving a hole in the wall.
“It’s time to show Dark Kat who’s boss!” says T-Bone.
They go inside the castle and see Dark Kat grow in size.
“Wait a minute, what happened to him?” says Peppy.
“It must the effect of those crystals,” says Razor.
“You fools,” says Dark Kat.  “I am more powerful than ever!”
“Your body can’t handle this,” says Fox.
“It will.  And do you know where the purple beam came from?  It came from the planet Earth,” says Dark Kat.
“Earth?” says Fox.
“Yes.  These life-forms, known as humans, use this Dark Energon to destroy everything.  I’ve seen it.  These things known as Dark Energon show me.  Join me, and we will destroy these barbarians,” says Dark Kat.
“That’s out of the question,” says Fox.
“What?” says Dark Kat.
“You actually think we’re crazy enough to join forces with you?” says Razor.
“You can’t just blame every last one of them.  And besides, some of the humans might be cool,” says T-Bone.
“You fools, I gave you a chance to repair what is coming, and you refused it.  Very well then, if you don’t join me, then I will destroy you all,” says Dark Kat.  Dark Kat is growing wings and quickly destroyed the castle. He continues to grow bigger.
“Swat Kats, Star Fox, this is it!” says Fox.
“I agree,” says T-Bone.
“Yeah, let’s finish Dark Kat once and for all,” says Razor.
And with that, the team goes outside, and they begin to battle Dark Kat.  The sky turns dark.  The team gets the upper hand.  The Swat Kats blow Dark Kat’s arm off.  Dark Kat projects the purple beam from his mouth, and the team gets out of the way.
“Finish it now!” says Peppy.  And Fox and the Swat Kats are going to shoot Dark Kat in the face.  
“Here we come, you evil parasite!” says Fox.  Fox and the Swat Kats use a bomb to shoot Dark Kat in the face. Dark Kat collapses and suddenly exploded, destroying himself.  The blast is so powerful it blows trees sideways.
“Is it over?” says Slippy.
“I guess it is,” says Peppy.
“Well, I guess that’s the end of Dark Kat,” says Razor.
A few days pass.  The team is slowly destroying the purple crystals with the help of The Enforcers. Fox is thinking about something.
“You’re thinking about something?” says Falco.
“If that purple beam comes from Earth, then we need to go there and get to the bottom of this,” says Fox.  
T-Bone and Razor show up.
“We’ve been thinking,” says T-Bone.
“What is it?” says Fox.
“We want to go to Earth and get to the bottom of this, too,” says Razor.
“Ok then.  It’s nice to get some help.  T-bone, Razor, welcome to Star Fox,” says Fox.  “You are now members.”  With that, the team goes to the ship.  
“Everyone, our next stop is planet Earth.”  And with that, the ship goes to outer space and sets their location to Earth to find out who is responsible for the attack.
The Rowdy Rough Boys: Death Battle
                                                   The Rowdy Rough Boys : Death Battle

In a room, Mojo Jojo is with two people, Wiz and Boomstick. “I’m so glad you’re here” says Wiz. Boomstick was drinking. “You’ll have to forgive him, he’s kind of an idiot.”
“What do you want?” Says Mojo.
“We want you to help us to finish a project called Death Battle,” says Wiz.
Meanwhile, in a boat, the Rowdy Rough Boys are trying to stop The Dominance.
“Okay, listen up, their targets are in France, Mexico, and Canada. So it’s our job to shut them down,” says Brick.
“Well what are we waiting for, let’s do this,” says Butch. And with that, the soldiers spotted them tried to stop them, but one by one the boys defeated them. And they go to the weapons room, and they saw some missiles.
“Missiles? Why does it always have to be missiles?” says Boomer. And with that the boys pulled the wires out. Then, the captain appears.
“How dare you ruin our plans!” says the captain.
“Sorry about that, but blowing up countries is not okay,” says Boomer.
“We will show we are the--” but before the captain finished Butch punched him.
“Dominance, yeah yeah we got it!” says Butch. And the boy landed on land and took the captain to the police.
The next day, the boys ran into a building. They meet up with Jocelyn. She drops some paper and the boys help her out.
“Oh, thanks,” says Jocelyn.
“You’re welcome,” says Boomer.
And the boys saw the news that the humans have broken the peace treaty of Equestria.
“Can you believe this?” says Brick. “They attack ponies to prove their better than them…what a joke!”
“Ain’t my problem,” says Jocelyn.
“Excuse me?” says Brick.
“I’m just saying, we might rely on them a little too much, and we humans have to do it ourselves,” says Jocelyn. And with that the boys leave.
It was night and the boys were about to go to sleep. “What’s this world coming to?” says Brick.
“Things are quiet when mom’s not here,” says Boomer.
“Yeah, she’s in a better place,” says Butch.
Suddenly, a light appears, and a hedgehog walks into the light. The hedgehog was badly hurt.
“Hey, are you alright?” says Brick.
“I’m from the future to give you a warning,” says the hedgehog.
“Hey, who are you?” says Boomer.
“My name is… Silver,” and with that Silver collapsed.
The boys go to the hospital to help Silver. The next morning, the boys visit Silver and ask him a question.
“You said a warning. What kind of warning?”
“People are fighting, including myself,” says Silver.
“Do you know why?” says Boomer.
“I don’t know why, I feel like someone told me to fight,” says Silver.
“Well, c’mon then. We’ll find out what’s going on,” says Butch.
“The boys and Silver were walking into a park while two men are watching them. The two men look at Silver with their x-ray binoculars. “It looks like the hedgehog already has a chip,” says one of the men. One of them men pushed a button and told Silver to fight.
Silver grabs his head in agony.
“Hey, are you okay?” Says Boomer.
Silver scowls at the boys and attacks them.
“Hey, what’s going on?!” says Brick.
“Something doesn’t look right,” says Boomer.
“Well, we’re just going to have to knock him out,” says Butch.
And the boys battle Silver. They knock Silver out. “That was pretty weird. What just happened?” says Brick. And the boys look at the two men. The two men run away. “What’s really going on here?”
Silver was waking up, realizing he was tied up.
“Sorry pal, but we needed to make sure,” says Butch.
“Aww man, not again,” says Silver.
“Look we just need to make sure you’re on our side,” says Boomer.
“I can help you with that,” says Sunset Shimmer from behind the boys. And with that Sunset Shimmer touched Silver and looked into his thoughts.
“So what do you see?” says Butch.
“He was fighting someone, but he got blasted and soon he was dead. He escaped just barely and went to the past. Then he ran into you three,” says Sunset Shimmer.
“So he’s not bad?” says Boomer.
“No, I don’t think so. I think we can trust him,” says Sunset Shimmer. And with that the boys untie him.
“There’s also a base that might explain a lot,” says Sunset Shimmer.
“And I know where the base is,” says Silver. And with that the group goes to the base. They saw a phone.
“Interesting…you find this base,” says the Voice.
“I know that voice!” says Silver.
“Interesting, I see you already have a chip. Is it possible you’re from the future?” says the Voice.
“Yes I am,” says Silver.
“Alright, what’s going on here?” says Brick.
“Well, is the Rowdy Rough Boys?” says the Voice. “You’re supposed to be Mojo Jojo’s most dangerous creation.”
“Who are you?” says Boomer.
“Well I’ll introduce myself. I am Wiz. I am a scientist.”
“So what are you up to?” says Butch.
“The Dominance have a belief that humans are the most powerful race and those who are not human will perish. What we did not expect is that if you attack those worlds they will fight back. So if we must destroy them we will make them destroy each other. So we have created Project Death Battle.” Says Wiz.
And the group look at the list on the table.
“Goku versus Superman? Spiderman versus Batman? Deadpool versus Deathstroke? And the Ninja Turtles fighting each other?” says Boomer.
“Glorious, isn’t it?” says Wiz. “To make them fight each other we create a hinderer chip to make them fight to the death. It’s not ready yet, but when it’s ready we will be the dominant race.” Says Wiz.
“Alright, show me where you are so we can beat you up,” says Butch.
“Unfortunately, this place is going to blow up, and you’re all dead,” says Wiz. And with that the boys grab Sunset Shimmer and Silver and they fly outside and saw the base explode.
“Great, just great. First the War of the Sexes, and now this?!” says Butch.
“Hey, do you know where they are?” says Boomer to Silver.
“No, I’m afraid not,” says Silver.
Meanwhile at The Dominance base, Wiz and Boomstick are watching the group in their hideout.
“Those boys are tougher than we thought,” says Boomstick drinking a beer.
“We have to get rid of them,” says Wiz.
“Hey, I have an idea,” says Jocelyn.
“What kind of idea?” says Wiz.
Meanwhile in the city, the group is trying to find the base.
“Okay, we need to find that base,” says Silver.
“But first we need to get that chip out of you,” says Brick.
“I think I know how to get rid of that chip, but it’s going to be dangerous,” says Thundercracker behind them.
“Aren’t you supposed to be a Decepticon?” says Butch.
“Look, I don’t want to fight you, and I don’t want a war, so please trust me,” says Thundercracker.
And Sunset Shimmer looks at Thundercracker and says “I think we can trust him.”
They go into a room and put Silver on a table and use a machine to fry the chip.
“Are you okay?” says Boomer.
“Yeah, feels like I’ve been in the sun way too long,” said Silver.
“Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the bomb,” says Brick. The group goes outside and suddenly they were stopped by the soldiers.
“Mojo Jojo would like to see you three,” says one of the soldiers.
“Is he with the Dominance?” says Butch.
“Yes, come and see for yourself,” says the soldier.
The boys look at the rest of the group. “Follow us, but be careful!” says Brick. And with that the boys followed the soldiers. The boys are in the base, and they cross with Mojo Jojo.
“Here’s the boys,” says one of the soldiers.
“Leave us,” says Mojo. And with that the soldiers leave.
“Hey,” says Brick.
“I see you have new jackets,” says Mojo.
“Yeah, they’re pretty cool,” says Boomer.
“The day thought would never come. We are enemies. I mean you go along with ponies, that’s not you at all!” says Mojo.
“That one time when all hell breaks loose…literally. So it’s not all sunshine and rainbows,” says Butch.
“So, what’s their masterplan?” says Brick.
“They have hampered chips. And once they say the word ‘fight’ the two will battle each other. Once the battle is over only one will survive,” says Mojo Jojo.
“That sounds very menacing. Just one thing, we’re going to destroy those chips, and this base,” says Brick.
“It doesn’t have to be this way. Join me and we will rule this world,” says Mojo.
“No thanks, we’re good. And besides, we’ve got some back-up,” says Butch.
Suddenly the base was attack by Silver and Thundercracker. “Later!” says Brick. And with that the boys fly off.
Wiz and Boomstick saw the base getting attacked. “Start putting these chips in the sky now!” says Wiz. They pressed a button and the missile holding the chips flies up in the air.
“If that missile goes down in space, it’s all over!” says Silver.
“I’m on it, don’t worry,” says Thundercracker, transforming into a jet. The boys fly up to the missile.
“Okay so do we just smash this missile into pieces?” says Boomer.
“Yeah looks like it,” says Butch. The boys destroy the missiles. But more missiles appear. Silver used his telekinesis to pull down the missiles.
“Do it now!” says Silver. And Thundercracker shoots down the missiles.
“It doesn’t matter how many you destroy, we’ll still make more” says Wiz.
“Boys, you stop Wiz. If there’s more missiles, we’ll stop them,” says Thundercracker.
“Got it,” says Butch. They boys go inside the base but they saw a missile, and quickly get out of the way. And they saw Boomstick.”
“I’m going to blow you three up,” says Boomstick.
“Get a girlfriend,” says Butch.
“Well I have an ex-wife.”
The boys charge Boomstick and defeat him.
“Well, that takes care of that,” says Butch.
Suddenly, they got blasted from behind.  Wiz and Mojo Jojo appear right behind them.
“You three cause so much trouble, but I should thank you for getting rid of Boomstick.  But now, I’ve put the chips inside your heads.  And now, it’s time for you to fight!” says Wiz.
The boys grab their heads, and try to resist it.  Mojo is seeing this in horror.
“No….NOOOOO!” says Mojo grabbing Wiz, then he throws him to the ground.  He grabs the remote and turns off the chips.
Boomstick, waking up, accidentally turns on the detonation device, causing the base to collapse; Silver and Thunder Cracker appear.
“We have to get out of here now!” says Thunder Cracker.
“But, what about Mojo?” says Boomer.
“There’s no time!” says Silver.
And with that, Thunder Cracker grabs the boys and they run outside.  Wiz tries to escape, but Mojo grabs him by the leg.
“You will not escape this fate, we will perish together,” says Mojo.  And with that, the room collapses, killing Mojo, Wiz, and Boomstick.  Everyone saw the smoke appear.  
“So, is it finally over?” says Thunder Cracker.
“I don’t think so,” says Brick.
Then Jocelyn appears.  
“No…it’s not supposed to be like this.  I’m supposed to be the one who made this project.  This is supposed to be an internet show, but you three ruined it,” says Jocelyn.
“Wait a minute, you’re the one who made this?” says Butch.
“Do you have any idea how many people have killed each other?” says Boomer.
“That’s not important.  What’s important is that I’m supposed to be famous for it.  But that’s ok, I had the data for all the people who are supposed to be in Death Battle,” says Jocelyn.
“It’s people like you that really make us sick,” says Butch.
“You’re the type of person who looks down on people,” says Boomer.
“And all the people you’ve tried to kill, this is for them.  We’re going to take you down!” says Brick.
And the battle begins.  Jocelyn is copying Goku’s and Superman’s powers combined.  They boys dodge the attack.  Boomer hits her and kicks her in the head.  And she uses sonic speed and hits the boys, but Butch grabs her and blocks her, and kicks her in the chin and uses Godzilla’s radiation blast to blast the boys.  But the boys dodge the blast.  Brick charges her and punches her in the stomach.
“No, this can’t be.  This data is supposed to have one thousand warriors, how could you three beat me?!” says Jocelyn.  
“Well, I think all you care about is yourself,” says Boomer.
“Don’t think you’re better than me, I see who you really are.  You think this will change your past?” says Jocelyn.
“No one can change the past, but the future will make it a better one for all,” says Brick.  And with that, the boys charge at Jocelyn.  The three punch her in the chin, causing her to fly off into outer space and go straight to the sun.
“So, does this mean it’s finally over?” says Thunder Cracker.
“Yeah, it is,” says Silver.
The next day, the boys go to their mom’s grave.  
“Are you three ok?” says Sunset Shimmer.
“Yeah, we’re fine,” says Brick.
“So, is it true that Mojo Jojo created you?” says Sunset Shimmer.
“Yeah,” says Butch.
“Must be difficult, he must be the only parent you have,” says Sunset Shimmer.
“Not really; this is our mom’s tomb.  She adopted us,” says Boomer.
“You know something?  Death is a part of life.  And though we stopped this project, we can’t stop people from dying.  So, we better enjoy it while we can,” says Brick.
Then, Silver and Thunder Cracker appear.  
“You’re going back to the future?” says Boomer.
“Not yet,” says Silver.  “I have a feeling something big is coming.”
“Well, if there’s something big, we’ll be there,” says Butch.
And so the group go their separate ways, knowing that death is a fact of life.  But also, that they shoud enjoy life for what it is.
The Righteous Heroes: Genocide
                                                       The Righteous Heroes: Genocide
 In Afganistan, the G.I. Joes are fighting against The First Order because The First Order has captured the president.
“This doesn’t look good,” says Heavy Duty.
“We have to keep going,” says General Joseph Colton.
Suddenly, S.H.I.E.L.D. has arrived with Nick Fury.
“I think you guys need help,” says Nick Fury.  “Don’t worry, I’ve sent a team on.”
“Who?” says Duke.
Suddenly, Sonic, Spiderman, and Optimus Prime arrive.
“Team, our job is to rescue the president,” says Optimus.
“Looks like the party is just getting started,” says Sonic.
“A party without any cupcakes?” says Spiderman.
“Those guys are going are going to save the president?” says General Joseph Colton.
“They get the job done,” says Nick Fury.
With that, the three heroes go to The First Order’s base.  While TIE fighters are about to shoot down the G.I. Joes, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and the Rowdy Rough Boys appear and smash all the TIE fighters.
“We got the sky, you guys got the ground,” says Rainbow Dash.
“Another one?” says Scarlett.  She pulls a radio up and hears a familiar voice.
“Hey, it’s me, Deadpool.”
“Hey, what’re you doing here?” says Scarlett.
“Oh, just want to butcher some Storm Troopers,” says Deadpool.  He’s with Dante and Shadow the Hedgehog.
“Knock it off, we have a job to do,” says Dante.
“We’ll meet you in your spot, wait here,” says Shadow.
Meanwhile, at the base, Sonic, Spiderman, and Optimus find the president.
“Say, how’s it going, Mr. President?” says Spiderman.
Suddenly, Kylo Ren appears.
“Careful guys, he’s really tough,” says Sonic.
“So, we meet again, Sonic the Hedgehog,” says Kylo Ren.
“So, what’s the First Order up to now? Capturing the president is a little bit not your style,” says Sonic.
“Not just my idea,” says Kylo Ren.
Outside the base Starscream, Thunder Cracker, and Sky Warp appear from the G.I. Joes.
“Great, these guys are here too?” says Heavy Duty.
“Oh, don’t worry, one of them if a big coward.  I would know, he runs away in the face of danger,” says Deadpool behind them.
“This time it won’t be like that,” says Starscream. “I am now the leader of the Decepticons.”
“Decepticons should pick another leader,” says Shadow.
“I guess they must be really desperate,” says Dante.
“Enough of this, you will all perish now!” says Starscream.
Inside the base, the three fight Kylo Ren.  The three get the upper hand.
“Alright, this time, you won’t escape,” says Sonic.
“This is just the beginning,” says Kylo Ren.
Kylo Ren used the force to destroy the base.  Optimus punched the wall and the get outside with the president.
“I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him,” says Spiderman.
Back outside, Dante, Deadpool, and Shadow find Starscream.  The Rowdy Rough Boys, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight appear.
“It’s the scrap pile for you,” says Brick.
“Decepticons, retreat,” says Starscream.  And with that, the three Decepticons transform into jets and leave.
“Hey, get back here.  We’re not done here,” says Boomer.
“Let them go, there’ll be another time,” says Twilight.
Sonic, Optimus, and Spiderman arrive with the president.
“So, we got the president,” says Sonic.
“Our job’s not done yet.  When we get back to the White House, then our job will be done,” says Shadow.
The group goes to the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship and to the White House.  The people waited for the president to arrive.
“We just want to let you know we could do this on our own,” says General Joseph Colton.  “Especially with aliens,” he says, looking at Optimus.
“We just wanted to help,” says Spiderman.
“Well, you did, now you can go on,” says the General.
“What’s his problem?” says Rainbow Dash.
“The autoboots and G.I. Joes have a long history,” says Optimus.
“Eh, they’re just jealous,” says Butch.
It was nighttime.  There was a party at the White House.  Twilight was at the party.  The humans look at her.
“You and your friends are very interesting,” says the president.
“Thank you,” says Twilight.
“Who knows humans and non-humans can work together?” says the president.
“Well, humans and ponies are living together in Equestria,” says Twilight.
“Yes, but still there’re some people who think those humans turned their back on America,” says the president.
“All they want to do is live in peace,” says Twilight.
“When someone new comes, we don’t know if we can trust them or not.  That is all I said,” says the president.  And with that, the president leaves.
Twilight goes outside.
“You look down,” says Shadow.
“I get the feeling these people still don’t trust us after all this time,” says Twilight.
“There are some people who cannot be reasoned with or changed,” says Shadow.
“I know, but I know some humans are good,” says Twilight.
Meanwhile, at the First Order’s base, Kylo Ren is talking to Starscream.
“Our enemy is very strong,” says Kylo Ren.  “Are you sure you’re up to this?”
“The decepticons are ready for anything,” says Starscream.
“But I sense one of them is reluctant to fight,” says Kylo Ren.  Someone in the shadow appears and joins the conversation.  “So, you’ve come,” says Kylo Ren.
“Our forces are ready to strike when the time is right,” says the person.
“Hey, you think your troops are competent enough?” says Starscream.
“Of course, because the human race is the dominant race,” says the person.
The next day, Rainbow Dash is with Twilight, and they are being petted by kids. They saw a suspicious truck.  The two follow the truck and the truck stopped.  They saw General Joseph Colton.  He was talking to someone.  
“Do you have it?” says the person.
“Yes, here is the box of dark energon, and with the power of dark energon we can attack Equestria, Kylo Ren,” says General Joseph Colton.  
The two were shocked.  
“They’re trying to break the peace treaty!” says Rainbow Dash.
“Hold on a minute, it’s just one person; I don’t think the president has anything to do with this,” says Twilight.
Suddenly, Kylo Ren spots the two.  
“Witnesses,” says Kylo Ren.
The two fly off to find the president.  
“Mr. President, we have some bad news,” says Twilight.
“What news?” says the president.
Suddenly, General Joseph Colton appears.
“This guy was working with Kylo Ren!” says Rainbow Dash.  The president looks at the General.
“Did it go well?” says the president.
“Yes, it went well,” says the General.
“Wait! You knew this?” says Twilight.
“I am the president, and we are the dominant race.”
“Wait, the dominants?  I thought the Rowdy Rough Boys destroyed them,” says Twilight.
“I made the dominants,” says the president.
“Celestia will hear about this,” says Rainbow Dash.  With that, the two quickly ran off.  But Kylo Ren stopped them with the Force.
“Don’t be surprised, it was going to happen,” says Kylo Ren.  
Suddenly, Shadow sees Kylo Ren and attacks him.
“What’s going on?” says Shadow.
“The United States made an alliance with The First Order,” says Kylo Ren.
“You have no idea what you are doing,” says Shadow to the president.  And with that, Shadow grabs Twilight and Rainbow Dash to escape.  The president orders his troops to stop them.  The three hide in a building when Superman appears.  Shadow scowls at Superman.
“Relax, I’m not here to capture you,” says Superman.
“It’s ok. We can trust him,” says Twilight.
“Please, you have to call Optimus,” says Rainbow Dash.
“Ok,” says Superman. “I’ll call Optimus on his radio.”  
Optimus hears the call and meets them at the building.
“Is everyone here alright?” says Optimus.
“We’ll explain later.  We have to go to Equestria,” says Twilight.
Meanwhile, at the White House, General Joseph Colton is assembling the G.I Joes.
“Our target is Celestia,” says the General.
“But aren’t they our friends? We have a peace treaty, so why are we attacking them?” says Duke.
“Because they are too dangerous, and to show we humans are strong.  There are humans with Equestria.  They are considered traitors.  And your orders are shoot on sight,” says the General.
Meanwhile, in Equestria, Twilight explained everything that had happened.
“The dominants? I thought we destroyed them,” says Boomer.
“Apparently, the thing with the president was a cover up,” says Twilight.
“You mean this peace treaty was a set-up?” says Sonic.
“I’m afraid so,” says Twilight.
“I think I know someone who can help us,” says Superman.
Meanwhile, at the G.I. Joe base, General Joseph Colton has hired a ninja.
“So, you can run at the speed of sound?” says the General.  “Well, there’s a hedgehog that can run at the speed of sound.”
“Well then, I guess he’ll be a worthy opponent then,” says the ninja.
Meanwhile, in Celestia’s castle, someone is with Superman.
“So, who is he?” says Celestia.
“This is my friend, Goku.”
“Wow, this castle is really big!” says Goku.
“Thank you for helping us,” says Celestia to Goku.
“Well, it was really nothing.  I was just hoping our enemy was really strong,” says Goku.
“Huh, that guy’s optimistic,” says Sonic.
“Of course, he reminds me of you,” says Shadow.  And the group goes outside.  Suddenly they saw a missile.  They get out of the way.  And they saw the G.I. Joes.
“What is the meaning of this?” says Optimus.
“We have orders to attack,” says Scarlett.
“Look around you! They are magical ponies, and you want to attack them?” says Spiderman.
“It doesn’t matter,” says Scarlett.
“You see all those people, using their computers, reading the story? And thinking, ‘you guys are a bunch of soulless complete morons!” says Deadpool.
“Alright, that’s enough,” says General Joseph Coltol.  “Send the ninja.”
Suddenly, a ninja tries to attack Sonic, but Sonic dodges.
“Who are you?” says Sonic.
“Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Speed O Sound Sonic,” says the ninja.
“Well, I’m Sonic.  Sonic the Hedgehog.  So, how did you guys get here anyway?” says Sonic.
“I showed them how to get here,” says Deathstroke.
“Listen, he can’t be trusted.  So go back and we pretend this never happened,” says Dante.
“That’s enough talk. Now, forward!” says the General.  And the Joes attack.
Snake Eyes attacks Dante.  
“So, who’re you supposed to be?” says Dante.
“Oh, he doesn’t really talk much,” says Deadpool.
“Well, at least he knows how to be quiet,” says Dante.
Optimus attacks General Joseph Colton.
“Why did you attack Equestria?” says Optimus.
“To protect America,” says the General.  Speed O Sound Sonic and Sonic keep attacking each other.  Speed O Sound Sonic attacks him with his sword, but Sonic uses his light saber to cut down the sword.
“Impressive.  You will be an interesting opponent, considering we both run at the speed of sound,” said Speed O Sound Sonic.
“And the difference is, I’m a good guy and you’re a bad guy,” says Sonic.
The good guys are winning.  Suddenly, the First Order ship appears.  Storm Troopers are appearing with Kylo Ren.
“What took you so long?” says Kylo Ren.
“They’re tough,” says the General.
“Listen! He cannot be trusted!” says Shadow.
“If you keep doing this, these ponies are going to think you are monsters. Doesn’t that bother you?” says Spiderman.
“What they think, it doesn’t matter.  Orders are orders,” says Scarlett.  The Rowdy Rough Boys try to attack Kylo Ren with their laser eyes.  But Kylo Ren stopped their laser eyes with the Force.
“Oh crud,” says Butch.  And with that, Kylo Ren pushed back the laser.
“General, tear this castle apart,” says Kylo Ren.  “And, if you find any humans, destroy them.  Deathstroke and Snake Eyes, find Celestia.”
Deathstroke and Snake Eyes find Celestia.  Snake Eyes realized this is wrong and attacked Deathstroke.
“So, you’re with them, huh?” says Deathstroke.  Snake Eyes and Deathstroke fight.  Snake eyes wins the fight, but Kylo Ren Force chokes him.
“You’re such a disappointment,” says Kylo Ren.
“That is enough,” demands Celestia.  Kylo Ren throws Snake Eyes.  Storm Troopers grab him.
“This was destined to happen,” says Kylo Ren.  “You know how the humans are.  They may look at their own, and if they don’t look, they’ll be exposed as traitors.”
“As the princess of Equestria, it is my duty to protect my people,” says Celestia.  
“And you will both die with them,” says Kylo Ren.  With that, he held his red light saber, and the two battle.  Twilight and Rainbow Dash appear.
“Listen you two, if something happens to me, you have to go with Nick Fury.  He has suspicions that the humans will break the peace treaty.”
Both Celestia and Kylo Ren slowly close in on one another.  When they make contact, there is an enormous explosion.  The group outside hears it.  
“G.I. Joes, retreat,” says General Joseph Colton.  But, Shadow grabs Duke.  
“You’re not going anywhere,” says Shadow.  Smoke appears inside the castle.  Celestia was hurt and Kylo orders his Storm Troopers to catch her.
“You knew this day would come,” says Kylo Ren.  And Kylo looks at Snake Eyes.  “Take them both away,” says Kylo Ren.
Sonic and Speed O Sound Sonic were fighting.
“Hmph, that’s enough for now,” says Speed O Sound Sonic.
“Hey, where’re you going?” says Sonic.
“My job is done for now, but next time we meet, it will be on the battlefield,” says Speed O Sound Sonic.
The group goes to Ponyville and they saw the devastation the Storm Troopers and the Joes did.
“Dargh! Not the cupcake!” says Deadpool.
“Is every pony alright?” says Twilight.
Some of the ponies are very hurt.  Pinkie Pie shows up with the little fillies and colts.
“Pinkie Pie, are you alright?” says Rainbow Dash.
“Yeah.  That was unexpected, but I defended the little fillies and colts,” says Pinkie Pie.
“Well, I’m glad someone is optimistic,” says Dante.
Meanwhile, at the White House, the president is with Kylo Ren.  
“The weapon is almost completed,” says Kylo Ren.
“Excellent,” says the president.
Then, Starscream, Thunder Cracker, and Sky Warp appear.
“Why are they here?” says Scarlett.
“We are with Kylo Ren,” says Starscream.  “The First Order made an alliance with the decepticons.”
“Relax, they’re with us,” says Kylo Ren.
“We don’t do well with aliens,” says Scarlett.
“Stand down.  They’re here to witness our power,” says the president.
Then, the president made a speech to his army.
“There are species who think we are weak.  With this weapon, we don’t need the autobots, Celestia, or talking animals.  We will show them all WE ARE THE DOMINANT RACE!”  
All the soldiers punch their right fists into the air.  With that, the president orders his soldiers to use the weapon as a canon, which is used by Dark Energon, and it fires by dimensions.  It hits the village hidden in the leaves, Halloweentown, the Soul Society, and Equestria.  The group saw the purple beam, and it devastated half of Equestria.
“What was that?” says Spiderman.
“I sense it’s not just this place, but there’re other worlds they attacked,” says Goku.
Shadow goes to the dungeon where he interrogates Duke.
“What’s going on?  It’s bad enough you don’t trust us, but you destroy other worlds?” said Shadow.
“What’re you talking about?” says Duke.
Shadow grabs him and drags him, and makes him look at the devastation.
“You mean to tell me you have nothing to do with this?” said Shadow.
“Look, they didn’t tell me about this,” says Duke.
“If they did, were you following their orders?” says Shadow.
Sonic shows up.
“Shadow, it’s Nick Fury.  He has some information about what’s going on,” says Sonic.  Shadow looks at Duke and says, “This is not over.”  The group goes to the human world and goes to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base and joins Nick Fury.
“So, what’s going on?” says Spiderman.
“They made this weapon fire dimensions.  It was supposed to defend us,” says Nick Fury.
“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” says Dante.
“We need to find a way to destroy this weapon,” says Optimus.  
Suddenly the news appears.
“Storm Troopers are destroying the school.”
The Rowdy Rough Boys are shocked.
“Our mom works in here,” says Boomer.
“Well, guess that’s our next stop,” says Spiderman.
Then, the group goes to the school to rescue the kids and teachers.
“Get out of our way,” says Brick.  And with that, the Rowdy Rough Boys beat up the Storm Troopers.  Suddenly, the U.S. army appears to aid the Storm Troopers.
“Wait a minute, these Storm Troopers are the bad guys,” says Spiderman.
“We’re just following orders,” says one of the soldiers.
“I’m calling reinforcements,” says Nick Fury.
“Well, let’s just hope they made it,” says Sonic.
The Rowdy Rough Boys go from door to door to find their mom.
“Where is she?” says Butch.  Then they find her, but she was being held hostage by Deathstroke.
Outside, the U.S. is about to open fire.  Suddenly, the Powerpuff Girls appear and attack the soldiers.  
“Girls, give our friends some support,” says Blossom.
“Yep, that’s our girls,” says Spiderman.
The girls go meet with the group.
“I’m so glad you three made it,” says Spiderman.
“We’re glad to see you too,” says Buttercup.  
“Guys, we’re so sorry for what we did before,” says Bubbles.
“Eh, it’s water over the bridge,” says Sonic.
Inside, the Rowdy Rough Boys are face to face with Deathstroke.
“Let her go, she has nothing to do with this,” says Boomer.
“I can’t.  I have a job to do,” says Deathstroke.
“Why are you doing this, huh? To protect your country?  Or you just don’t like aliens?” says Brick.
“The only thing I’m doing this for is money,” says Deathstroke.  And with that, the Boys and Deathstroke fight.  The boys get the upper hand.
“Get out of our school,” says Butch.  With that, the boys throw him out of a window.  The boys check on their mom.
“Mom, are you alright?” says Boomer.
“Yes, I’m fine,” says Mrs. Keane.
Suddenly Deathstroke throws his sword into Mrs. Keane’s chest.  The boys turn around full of rage and the boys charge at Deathstroke.  But Deathstroke throws a gas bomb and escapes.  The boys turn around and see their dead mom.
“Oh, no, no, no…” says Boomer.  The Powerpuff Girls went inside and saw Mrs. Keane dead, and the boys were crying.  The girls hugged the boys.  
The group goes to Equestria and tell the bad news to Luna.
“How many lives are lost?”says Luna.
“A lot,” says Shadow.
“What about the boys?” says Luna.
“They were quiet for a very long time,” says Spiderman.  
The boys were in a room, staring at a wall.  The Powerpuff Girls walk into the room.
“Why did these people choose to break the peace treaty?” says Boomer.
“I really don’t know,” says Bubbles.
“Well, I think I know.  Because they are different to them.  And we are sick of it!” says Brick.
“I’m sorry about what happened to Mrs. Keane.  It’s really not fair,” says Blossom.
“So, would it be ok if we sleep with you?” says Boomer.
“Ok,” says Bubbles.
The next day, people are rioting at the White House, throwing rocks at the windows.
“I can’t believe they sided to them,” says Scarlett.
“What do you expect? You broke the peace treaty, your soldiers tried to attack the school, and you tried to destroy worlds,” says Thunder Cracker.
Scarlett just walks away from him.
“Hey, are you even listening?” says Thunder Cracker.
“We are defenders of humanity.  The rest of these worlds can burn,” says Scarlett.
Thunder Cracker goes to Starscream.  
“What do you want?” says Starscream.
“This whole thing is going too far,” says Thunder Cracker.
“This is war, and if you can’t handle it, then get out of my sight,” says Starscream.
Inside a prison cell, the president is interrogating Celestia.
“What’s going on?” says the president.  “These people are against us.”
“Because they know what you’re doing is wrong.  And he knows what you’re doing is wrong,” says Celestia, pointing to Snake Eyes in the prison.
“Regardless, we will show that we are the dominant race.  Those who stand in our way shall pay the price,” says the president.  With that, the president orders his men to open fire at the rioters.
Meanwhile, in Equestria, the group has a meeting with Jack Skellington, Naruto, and Ichigo.
“We’re all being attacked,” says Optimus.
“There is a weapon, and with this weapon, they will destroy countless worlds.  It will be genocide,” says Luna.
“We will rescue Celestia and destroy this weapon,” says Twilight.  With that, the group meet their alliance and march to the White House.  
In a dungeon, Twilight goes to Duke.
“Let me ask you a question.  Do you even trust us?” says Twilight.
“Listen, all I wanted was to protect my country.  I never wanted to go this far,” says Duke.
Twilight opens his door and says, “This is your chance.”
Meanwhile, in the White House, the president is thinking about how far they go.  Then, he saw the army.
“So, it’s finally time to show who is better: humans or non-humans,” says the president.
It was blizzarding.  Luna’s army, the autobots, the Soul Reapers, and hidden leaf ninjas are marching.  Then, the Storm Troopers, G.I. Joes and the decepticons stand in their way.  The G.I. Joes attack the autobots.
“This is all your fault! If you autobots hadn’t come to Earth, none of this would have happened,” says Scarlett.
“Our planet was dying, we had no other choice but to find another planet,” says Optimus.
“You should have died,” says Scarlett.
“Please, don’t do this,” says Blossom.  “I know how it feels.  You probably think the only way to have peace is to destroy every single one of them, but it’s going to make it worse!”
“That’s not my problem,” says Scarlett.
“Don’t do this,” says Duke.
“What’re you doing?” says Scarlett.
“Trying to protect my country.  It’s Kylo Ren; he’s the real enemy,” says Duke.  “If we’re truly heroes, then stop this fight.”
Scarlett reluctantly throws down her weapon.
“Don’t stop, keep fighting,” says General Joseph Colton.
“General, this doesn’t have to be like this,” says Duke.
“Yes, it does,” says the General. “If you get in my way, you will die.”
Sonic goes to the weapon, but Speed O Sound Sonic gets in his way.
“I’m glad we meet, now we can finish what we started,” says Speed O Sound Sonic.
“Let’s just get this over with,” says Sonic.
The Rowdy Rough Boys go to find Deathstroke.
“We are going to break that stupid face of yours!” says Brick.
“Let’s see what you’ve got then,” says Deathstroke.
Bubbles and Buttercup find Celestia and Snake Eyes.  
“Are you ok?” says Bubbles.
“Yes, I’m fine,” says Celestia.
“Listen, sorry about before,” says Buttercup.
“You are forgiven,” says Celestia.
Then, Kylo Ren shows up.
“You think you’ve escaped.  There is no escape,” says Kylo Ren.
Celestia used her magic to open Snake Eyes’s door and Snake Eyes grabs guns and shoots at Kylo Ren.  Buttercup saw a light saber and throws it to Snake Eyes.  He holds his green light saber.  Superman and Goku fly to the weapon, but suddenly Starscream, Thunder Cracker, and Sky Warp appear.
“Don’t think it’s going to be that easy,” says Starscream.
“Leave now and we will let you go,” says Goku.  
“I don’t think so,” says Starscream.
Superman attacks Starscream and Superman gets the upper hand.  But, Starscream holds Kryptonite.
“Let the universe know that I have defeated one of the most powerful beings in the world!” says Starscream.
Thunder Cracker realized that this was going too far.  With that, Thunder Cracker fires at Starscream.
“YOU TRAITOR!” yells Starscream.  Superman punches Starscream in the chest.
“This is not over,” says Starscream.  He transforms into a jet and retreats.
“Leave now,” says Goku to Sky Warp.  With that, Sky Warp retreated.  
Sonic was fighting Speed O Sound Sonic and Sonic used the Force to hit him back and forth, and to lift Speed O Sound Sonic and then slam him down.
“Go ahead, finish me!” says Speed O Sound Sonic.
“That’s too good for you,” says Sonic.  And with that Sonic goes to the canon.
Inside the White House, the president saw this.  Then, Shadow, Dante, and Deadpool show up.
“Well, this is the part where you get impeached,” says Deadpool.
Then the Storm Troopers appear.  The president orders the Storm Troopers to fire.  But a Storm Trooper points a blaster at the president.
“Our partnership is over,” says the Storm Trooper.  But the three attack the Storm Troopers.  
Snake Eyes was fighting Kylo Ren.  Buttercup uses laser eyes to aim at Kylo Ren.  But Kylo uses the Force to stop the beam; that gives Snake Eyes time to attack.  He attacks Kylo Ren by the helmet.  Kylo Ren was in pain, and retreated.  Snake Eyes was exhausted.
The Rowdy Rough Boys were beating Deathstroke.
“Try to walk when your legs are broken,” says Butch.  But Deastroke throws a flash grenade and escapes.
“Why does he always keep doing that?!” says Brick.
Sonic was meeting with Spiderman.
“Ok, you got the charges?” asked Sonic.
“Yeah, let’s destroy this weapon,” says Spiderman.
They put the charges, and they run as fast as they can.  With that, the detonators explode, destroying the weapon.  
General Joseph Colton saw the explosion and got distracted.  Optimus grabs him.
“This ends now,” says Optimus.  
The group was getting together.  Bubbles and Buttercup hold Snake Eyes and Celestia was barely walking.
“You have betrayed us all and attacked not only Equestria, but these worlds.  Your sentence is to repair the damage you have done.”
They took General Joseph Colton, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty away.  Duke sighed.  Thunder Cracker was walking away.
“Wait,” says Twilight.  “What you’ve done was very brave.  So please, come join us.”
“I can’t.  I’m sick of war.  I’m sick of fighting.  All I want is to live my life,” says Thunder Cracker.  With that, Thunder Cracker transforms into a jet and leaves.
Shadow, Dante, and Deadpool were in the White House finishing off the last Storm Trooper.
“Well, that’s the last of ‘em,” says Dante.  They turn around and saw the president escaping.
“Aw, great, he’s gone,” says Deapool.
“Let’s go find the others,” says Shadow.
The next day, the group mourned the loss of those who had died and hoped that they found a better place. The battle left a hole to the heroes.  Hopefully, humanity has learned from its mistakes.  There will be tough times.  There will be prejudice and we may lose faith, but we will move on, for the memories for those who have died.  
Superman in dragon ball super
Superman in dragon ball super

By Dylan C
In the planet Apocalypse, Darkseid is preparing to conquer the Earth. “First the Earth, then the univserse,” says Darkseid. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Superman is watching over the city.
“There’s no one in trouble, just peace and quiet. That’s good,” says Superman. While in the city, Goku is training in a gym.
“Well, that was fun,” says Goku. All of a sudden, Parademons start invading Metropolis.
“Oh no, I don’t know what’s going on, but I have to stop them,” says Goku. Goku flies and one by one defeats the Parademons. Even more Parademons are coming. Then Superman appears to join the battle. “Who is that guy?” Goku wonders to himself. “He’s very strong. Hey, excuse me, how strong are you?” Goku asked Superman.
“I’m a little bit busy now, so you better go get somewhere safe,” says Superman.
“It’s okay, I can take these guys too,” says Goku. And one by one both Superman and Goku defeated the Parademons.
“Say, you are one strong person,” says Goku.
“Thank you,” says Superman.
“Say, how about we spar,” says Goku.
“No thanks, I’d rather not get into a competitive sport,” says Superman.
“aww, why not?” Says Goku.
“Do you know how sports fan react when their teams lose? They lose their minds and I’d rather not put up with that,” says Superman
“This has Darkseid written all over it,” says Superman.
“Who’s Darkseid?” says Goku.
“He’s the ruler of Apocalypse,” says Superman.
“In that case I’ll help you,” says Goku.
“What’s your name?” asks Superman.
“My name is Goku.”
“I’m Superman.”
“In that case we’ll get some help,” says Goku. The two both leave the city and go to Goku’s house. Goku introduces his friends Vegeta and Piccolo, and his son Gohan.
“Hello,” says Superman.
“what’s the situation?” says Piccolo.
“Well, this guy who calls himself Darkseid is trying to take over the Earth,” says Goku.
“It looks like another wannabe if you ask me,” says Vegeta.
“Don’t underestimate him. He’s ruthless, and if you make one mistake he will kill you,” says Superman.
“well, what are we waiting for, let’s go,” says Goku. And the team flies to the city.
An army of Parademons arrive.
“There are so many of them,” says Gohan.
“Well, let’s do this,” says Goku. And with that the team charged at the Parademons. The team was doing well, but one Parademon threw a bomb at the city. Superman grabbed the bomb and tried to throw it away, but it exploded, and superman was blasted away.
Goku yells his name. “Superman!!”
Superman was on the other side of the planet. “uhhh, where am I?” Suddenly a monster appears. Superman was about to attack him, but Kryptonite was in the area. “Kryptonite, why did it have to be Kryptonite?” The monster was about to attack Superman, until One Punch Man defeats the monster.
“Hey, you okay?” says One Punch Man.
“Yes, I’m fine, thank you,” says Superman. One Punch Man invites him to his apartment.
“Here’s some sushi for you,” says One Punch Man as he shared some sushi with Superman.
“Thank you,” says Superman.
“So, you’re think of something?” says One Punch Man.
“Well, you see, there’s another universe, and another Superman like me, but instead he turned evil.”
“How?” says One Punch Man.
“He fell in love once, but the criminal The Joker took her away. Overcome with grief he killed the Joker and became corrupted. I go to that universe and stopped him. You never know what we’re truly capable of,” says Superman.
“You worry too much. At least it’s not you. So if it’s not your universe then it’s not you, and you don’t have to worry about turning evil,” says One Punch Man.
“What’s you’re motivation?” asks Superman.
“Me? I’m just a hero for fun,” says One Punch Man.
“Well, at least it is simple,” Says Superman. “What’s your name?”
“I’m Clark Kent.” And with that, Superman flies off.
The next day, Superman meets Goku. “I’m glad you’re fine,” says Goku.
“Thanks for your concern,” says Superman. Goku is holding a boom tube. “Where did you get that?”
“One of those monsters has it,” says Goku.
“That thing will go straight to Apocalypse,” says Superman.
“Well, what are we waiting for?” says Goku. And with that the two use the boom tube and go to Apocalypse.
“So this is Apocalypse,” says Goku. “This Darkseid must be really dangerous.”
“Yes, he is,” says Superman. “Goku, this is very dangerous. Are you sure about this?”
“Yes, I am,” says Goku.
“Okay then, let’s go,” says Superman. And the two go to Darkseid’s palace. They get face-to-face with Darkseid.
“So Kryptonian, you’ve finally come. And you must be the Saiyan,” says Darkseid.
“Darkseid, this is the last time you’ll invade Earth,” says Superman.
“I do as I please,” says Darkseid.
“You can’t just destroy planets!” says Goku.
“Silence! I’ve had enough of your talk. Now I will obliterate you two,” says Darkseid.
And the two begin to fight Darkseid. When their punches collide with each other, the palace begins to collapse.
“Enough of this. You two will suffer!” says Darkseid. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The two gain the upper hand. Both hit Darkseid fiercely. Goku uses the Kamehameha. Superman uses his laser eyes. Together, they both hit Darkseid. Darkseid was screaming and disintegrated.
“Is it over?” says Superman.
“I don’t sense him, so he must be dead,” says Goku.
“let’s go back to Earth,” says Superman. The next day Goku and Superman have to say goodbye.
“Well, it was fun teaming up with you,” says Goku.
“It has been an honor fighting with you,” says Superman. They both shake hands. Goku flies off.
“Until we meet again,” says Goku. And Superman smiles back.


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DylanCArt's Profile Picture
Dylan c
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Dylan has been developing his style of character study into a form that is now fully his own. After attending the art program for several weeks, Dylan had already created many colored drawings of heroes from comics, TV shows, video games and movies. He always makes sure to avoid the villains, no matter how famous or memorable.

Working with staff, Dylan was able to find a way to incorporate many of his drawings into a final image for our art shows. He did this via learning a step-by- step process within Photoshop.

Photoshop is a powerful tool and an industry standard for many designers, photographers and illustrators. It is able to bend to countless uses, including Dylan’s superhero collages.

Dylan begins by drawing his character(s) of the day


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