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Optimus Prime : Dawn of Judgement
                                                                                                                                  Optimus Prime: Dawn of Judgement

A group of people gathered together.
“So, we’re finally going to do this,” says the person with the guitar.
“Indeed, after all this time, they will know pain,” says the person with the flute.
“Vengeance will be ours,” says the person in the mask.
“Yes, it’s time for the human race to end,” says the person with the scythe.
Meanwhile Optimus and Goldbug are on their way to return to Equestria.
“I can’t wait to show the other’s my new body,” says Goldbug.
“I’m sure they’ll be happy to see your new body, and I should apologize to them,” says Optimus.
“You had to face your nightmares and you finally stopped Galvatron for good. I’m sure they would understand,” says Goldbug.
“Well, if you put it that way, I’ll be sure to be glad to have turned to them,” says Optimus.
Meanwhile in Equestria… Cliffjumper, and Sideswipe are getting news that Optimus is returning.
“I’m glad Optimus is fine” says Cliffjumper.
“Yeah, I just hope bumblebee is alright,” says Sideswipe. Twilight goes up to the two.
“Is it true that Optimus is returning?” says Twilight.
“Yeah, we just heard about it,” says Cliffjumper.
“And how did you hear about it?” says Twilight.
“He just told us on the communicator radio.” Says Sideswipe.
Then Starlight Glimmer appears.
“Uhh, so who is this Optimus that you speak of?” says Starlight.
“He’s a good friend. Him and his Autobots came to Ponyville and rescued us,” says Twilight.
“Well, I just hope I get the chance to meet him,” says Starlight.
Meanwhile in the Human world, Marissa Faireborn is testing new weapons.
‘So, what kind of weapons are you testing out?” says one of the troops.
These are mechs, made of transformer technology,” says Marissa.
“So what can they do?” says one of the troops.
“These are just in case The Cornerian Arms tried to conquer us,” says Marissa.
“You really don’t trust them, do you? Says one of the troops.
“It’s not like I want it. They have superior technology and they refuse to share it,” says Marissa.
“And what about the Autobots? They’re in Equestria Do we attack them?” says one of the troops.
“No, it’d better just not. And besides, the Cornerian Army will probaby find out,” says Marissa.
And with that she leaves.
The troops look at a picture of Equestria.
“Uhg, look at those ponies, to think we made a peace treaty with those animals,” says one of the troops.
Then he heard a flute playing, and he started to lose his mind.
Meanwhile, in Equestria, Celestia and Twilight are preparing for Optimus’ return.
“I’m so glad that Optimus is fine,” says Celestia.
“I wonder what adventure he’s doing?” says Twilight.
Cliffjumper appears.
“Hey, there’s a giant robot coming this way,” says Cliffjumper.
“Ah, that must be him,” says Twilight. They saw the robots closing in.
“That’s not Optimus!” says Cliffjumper.
The robot is opening fire, and Cliffjumper fires back.
“Who are you?” says Cliffjumper. Cliffumper takes a good look and sees one of Marissa’s troops inside the robot.
“Hey, what are you doing inside that robot?” says Cliffjumper.
“You’re all monsters, every last one of you are all monsters!” says the troop.
“You’ve lost your mind,” says Cliffjumper. Sideswipe appears and help Cliffjumper.
“Another one of you. You can’t fool me, I know what you’re up to,” says the troops.
“What are you talking about?” says Sideswipe.
“All you do is protect these animals. They’re just animals, and I’m going to destroy you all,” says the troop. He raised a missile at Ponyville and opened fire. But suddenly, Optimus shot the missle.
“Optimus you’re back!” says Twilight.
“I’m terribly sorry about leaving you” says Optimus.
“I’m just glad you’re here,” says Twilight.
“You, you’re Optimus Prime. I’ll destroy you,” says the troop.
“Leave him to me, I’ll take care of him,” says Optimus.
Optimus goes toward the robot.
“So you’re the one who caused us trouble. Leave this place at once,” says Optimus.
“No, I’m not leaving until you’re destroyed,” says the troop. The troop charged at Optimus.
Goldbug goes over to Cliffjumper and Sideswipe.
“Hey guys, it’s me,” says Goldbug.
“Bumblebee, is that you? Says Sideswipe.
“Actually, my new name is Goldbug,” he says.
“That suits you perfectly,” says Cliffjumper.
Optimus punched the robot.
“No, I am not done yet,” says the troop.
“It’s over, surrender at once,” says Optimus.
“I won’t stop until all of you are dead,” says the troop, charging at Optimus. But Optimus throws his axe and chopped off the arms of the robot, kicking him down.
The troop gets out of the robot.
“You lost,” says Optimus. Suddenly, the troop regains his sanity.
“Hey, what’s going on? How did I get here?” says the troop.
“You came to Equestria and attacked us,” says Optimus.
“What are you talking about?” say the troop.
“You’re coming with us so we can ask you some questions.
Suddenly, the troop got shot from behind, in the head.
In a forest, a person in a mask shot the troop.
“Nice shot. You shot him from long distance. Very impressive,” says the person with the flute.
“He had gone crazy thanks to your flute. Now they’ll probably think the humans are behind this attack,” says the person in the mask.
“Let’s go back to the others, I have a feeling that Optimus Prime is going to be a problem,” says the person with the flute.

Back in Ponyville, Celestia, Twilight, and the Autobots are glad that Optimus is back.
“Optimus, you’re okay,” says Twilight.
“It’s nice to see you too, Twilight” says Optimus.
“This is my student, Starlight Glimmer,” says Twilight.
“I’ve heard so much about you, Optimus” says Starlight.
“The pleasure is mine,” says Optimus.
“So, what about this giant robot?” says Cliffjumper.
“And what about that human who just went crazy?” says Sideswipe.
“I don’t know, but I’m getting to the bottom of this right now,” says Optimus.
Optimus creates a portal to the human world.
“Autobots, you stay here and protect Equestria,” says Optimus.
And with that, Optimus goes through the portal. While in the human world, he came across Fox McCloud.
“Ah, Fox, you’re here,” says Optimus.
“Optimus Prime, what brings you here?” says Fox.
“I have a feeling something is about to happen,” says Optimus.
“What is it?” says Fox.
“There’s a human in a robot who attacked Equestria, but something was wrong…it’s like he was falling into madness,” says Optimus.
“Madness? What kind of madness?” says Fox.
“It’s like he was being mind-controlled,” says Optimus. Then Optimus gets a call from General Hawk of the G.I. JOE.
“Optimus Prime, I’ve heard you have some trouble,” says General Hawk.
“Is there something you want?” says Optimus.
“Come to my base, we’ll explain more,” says Hawk.
Optimus grew concerned.
“Is there something up with them?” says Fox.
“The Autobots and the G.I. JOEs have a long history,” so I wonder why he wants to talk to me,” says Optimus.
“Well, I guess I’m coming with you,” says Fox.
Optimus transformed into a truck and Fox got in.
Meanwhile, in the G.I. JOE base, General Hawk is with Duke, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty.
“Do you think he’s gonna come?” says Heavy Duty.
“He’ll come,” says Hawk.
Optimus arrives in his truck form, and transforms into his robot form. Fox hops out of Optimus.
“Well ?” says Optimus.
“Well? That’s all you come up with?” says Hawk.
“You don’t really trust me, unless there’s some threat that’s going to happen,” says Optimus.
“Well, there’s some supernatural things going on here, and it looks like you two are going to help .Make that three,” says General Hawk. Seeing Starlight Glimmer.
“Hello? Anybody?” says Starlight.
“Starlight, what are you doing here?” says Optimus.
“Well, I thought you’d need some help,” says Starlight.
“I appreciate it, but this is no place for a pony,” says Optimus.
Something is watching them, under an invisible cloak. Optimus turns around, and the creature walks away.
“Is there something wrong, Optimus?” says Starlight.
“Let’s just get this over with. I have the feeling that something or someone is watching over us,” says Optimus.
And with that the group goes inside.
“So, what is this about?” says Fox.
“We found this video and saw this person go mad. This other person was playing a flute,” says Scarlett.
“That’s the same human who attacked Equestria,” says Optimus.
Outside of base, the creature killed three soldiers. Another soldier saw the dead soldiers on the ground, and pressed the alarm. Four more creatures appear.
“Someone has infiltrated this base!” says Duke. The group goes outside of the base. The creatures open fire at Optimus, but Optimus quick got out of the way. Starlight fires a beam toward the creatures, it hits one of the invisible ones, revealing it to be a Predator.  The rest of the Predators revealed themselves.  
“The Predators!  I’ve heard about them!” says Optimus.
“Why are they here?” says Starlight.
“They are a warrior race.  They must’ve come to this planet to hunt something…I think it’s me,” says Optimus.
“What makes you think that?” says Duke.
The Predators are pointing their blasters at Optimus.
“Do you need to ask?” says Optimus.
The Predators fire at Optimus, but Optimus gets out of the way.  Optimus kicks one of the Predators right in the eye.  Two Predators charge at Fox, but Fox raises two blasters and starts shooting them.  Scarlett shoots one of them in the helmet; the Predator takes off the helmet, revealing himself.
“Sure, why not,” says Scarlett.
The Predator roars.  Fox continues to face the Predators, and he shoots one of them in the chest.
“That’s one down,” says Fox.
Optimus throws his ax into one of the Predators, slicing it in half.  Duke, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty defeat the last of the Predators.
“That’s what they look like?!” says Starlight.
“Don’t get too close to it, Starlight,” says Optimus.
“Yeah, he might be up to one last trick,” says Fox.
The Predator is pressing the buttons to detonate, and the Predator was laughing.
“It’s going to blow!” says Heavy Duty.
Optimus grabs the Predator and throws him into the sky, and the Predator exploded.
“I think that’s the last of them,” says Fox.
“Hmm, it looks like something or someone is behind all this…this can’t be just a coincidence,” says Optimus.
“Well, I’m coming with you,” says Fox.
“Me too,” says Starlight.
“Well, we wish you three the best of luck,” says Duke.
And with that, Optimus transformed into a truck, and Starlight and Fox get into the truck.
In the distance, the person with a scythe saw the truck leaving.
“Hmm, the Predator might be a warrior race, but they are to be inferior,” says the person with the scythe.
“And I thought you thought it would be a good idea to send the Predators here,” says the person with the guitar.
“Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do: do it ourselves,” says the person with a scythe.
“It will be my pleasure, Diablo,” says the person with the guitar.
The next day, Optimus, Fox and Starlight continue their journey.  
“Say, do you think that it’s going to rain?” says Starlight.
“It’s going to, so we might have to get things going quickly,” says Fox.
Then, they hear a guitar playing very loudly.
“Ugh! What is that awful sound?!” says Optimus.
The guitar’s vibration is getting bigger and bigger.  
“Where is that coming from?!” says Starlight.
Then, the guitar playing stops.
“It looks like it just stopped for now,” says Fox.
Meanwhile, in a base, Marissa Faireborn is just trying to figure out one of her troops just invaded Equestria.
“This is not good.  If this goes out, the Cornerian Army will take this away,” says Marissa.
“That’s going to be the least of your problems,” says the person with the guitar.
Outside the base, Optimus, Starlight and Fox are hearing guitar music.
“It’s the same music again!” says Optimus.
Then, the person with the guitar shows up.
“Well, well…what do we have here? A pony, an anamorphic Fox, and the ‘big bot’ himself: Optimus Prime.”
“You’re the one who keeps making those sounds?!” says Fox.
“There’s no way that can be an ordinary guitar,” says Starlight.
“No, it isn’t.  And the name’s Blackjack.”
“Why do you keep making those sounds?” says Optimus.
“I’m going to destroy this base.  Just look at the weapons I’ve destroyed,” says Blackjack.
“That’s definitely not an ordinary guitar.  You’re coming with us,” says Fox.
“Oh, sorry…but I’ve got my own plans,” says Blackjack, playing the guitar.
A sound wave blasts towards the three.  
“Your music is not going to stop us!” says Optimus.
Then, it’s beginning to rain.
“This guitar is not only for making loud music; it turns raindrops into needles,” says Blackjack.
Using the guitar to turn the raindrops into needles, Optimus ran away from the needles and quickly kicked Blackjack, forcing Blackjack to fly through the air; but, he grabs the wall of the base.
“Well that kind of stings a bit, but playtime is over,” says Blackjack, his body is glowing with a purple aura.
“What’s going on?!” says Optimus.
“You’ll find out soon enough…” says Blackjack.
He holds the wall, then quickly jumps to Optimus.  He raises his guitar to hit Optimus, but Optimus quickly gets out of the way.  The guitar breaks the ground.
“There’s no way you could be human,” says Optimus.
“You’re right.  Oh, well, at least not anymore,” says Blackjack.
“What are you?” says Optimus.
“Well, it may be a shocker, but, I’m a devil,” says Blackjack.
Optimus points his blaster to shoot Blackjack, and it hits Blackjack.
“Well, that’s about it for now.  See ya, big bot,” says Blackjack, using his guitar to use the raindrops to make a wall.  The wall is in front of Blackjack and it disappears with him too.
Marissa Faireborn shows up with her troops.
“Ok, could you three tell me what’s going on?” says Marissa.
“We’re trying to get to the bottom of this,” says Fox.
“I want to ask some questions: one of your troops went to Equestria and went completely mad.  Did you have any part in it?” says Optimus.
“I didn’t send him to go over there,” says Marissa.
“And who is this Blackjack person?  That guy with the guitar?” says Fox.
“He’s new to us…listen, this is our problem, so we’ll handle it,” says Marissa.
“Wait a minute, I have a question,” says Starlight.
“What is it?” says Marissa.
“You and your troops went to Equestria once and one of your troops pointed a gun at Flurry Heart.  Doesn’t that at least bother you?” says Starlight.
“When your world faces a crisis, sometimes you have to do what’s wrong to do what’s right,” says Marissa.
“Just so we’re clear, we’re keeping a gun on you,” says Fox.
And with that, the three leave.
The next day, the U.S.A. soldiers are making missiles.  Then, the person with the flute is playing her flute, forcing the soldiers to go mad.  
Meanwhile, the three go to a deserted city.
“Hmm, this place kind of looks rough, so be careful,” says Fox.
“I wonder what happened here…” says Starlight.
Then the three saw kids.
“Ooh! A unicorn!” says the girl.
The girl comes to Starlight and gives her a hug.
“Hey, are you two aliens?” says one of the kids.
“Something like that,” says Fox.
“Where are your parents?” says Optimus.
“Well, we’ve been separated.  There were soldiers.  They’re U.S. soldiers, but they opened fire and we ran as fast as we could.  We kind of got lost,” says the kid.
“U.S. soldiers came and opened fire for no reason?  Well, no if we have anything to say about it,” says Fox.
“We need to find the parents,” says Optimus.
Suddenly the soldiers came.  
“We’d like to ask some questions.  These kids say the U.S. soldiers came and fired on them,” says Fox.
Then the soldiers opened fire at the group.  Fox quickly gets out of the way, and Optimus shields the kids.
“What is going on?!” says Starlight.
Then, the three hear flutes…
“Wait-do you hear something?” says Fox.
Then, they saw the person with the flute.  
“That person is playing the flute while this is going on?!” says Starlight.
“I wonder if she is behind this.”  Optimus goes to the person with the flute and attacks her.  She stopped playing the flute.  The soldiers stop going mad.
“They stopped!” says Starlight.
“So, you finally figured it out,” says the person with the flute.  
“Who are you?” says Optimus.
“The name’s Fladimus.”
“I see you have the ability to make these soldiers go mad.  That must’ve happened to that soldier who attacked Equestria,” says Optimus.
“That’s not all; I have the ability to bring back the dead with my voice,” says Fladimus. She whistles and she brings back Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz.  
“What’ve you done to them?!” says Optimus.
“I brought them back from the dead, except they are under my control,” says Fladimus.
“Just what are you trying to do?” says Optimus.
“These soldiers are making missiles, so I’ve injected the missiles with a virus that will affect the humans with a slow, painful death,” says Fladimus.
Fladimus orders Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz to attack Optimus.  Fladimus continued to play her flute.  The soldiers attack Fox and Starlight.
“You kids get somewhere safe!  We’ll take care of this!” says Fox.  The kids ran to hide.  Fox throws a grenade that tasers the soldiers.  It forces the weapons to jam.  One by one, Fox knocked out the soldiers.
“Well, that’s that.  Now, for her,” says Fox.  
Optimus continues fighting with the dead Autobots.
“Forcing people to fight, even when their dead, is really unforgivable!” says Optimus.
“I’m already dead myself,” says Fladimus.
Fox quickly grabs Fladimus.  
“Give up, you’re done,” says Fox.
“I’m not done yet,” says Fladimus.
Black Aura is covered in Fladimus’s body.
“Fox!  Get back!” says Optimus.
Fox quickly gets away from Fladimus, and Fladimus screams.  Optimus points a blaster at Fladimus and shoots her.  The dead Autobots turn into dust.
“Is it over?” says Starlight.
Fladimus is starting to get up.
“Well, that actually hurt.  I have to be honest, I was kind of off guard,” says Fladimus.
“What are you, really?” says Optimus.
“Take a good look,” says Fladimus.  Her face turns into a devil.  “Finally, vengeance shall be ours!”
“What vengeance?” says Starlight.
“We were the humans who went to Equestria, but the President ordered an attack and called us traitors.  Some of us survived, and swore vengeance on this cursed world!” says Fladimus.
“Then, why’d you force that other soldier to attack Equestria?” says Starlight.
“It’s simple, really.  Because they will take the blame.  And besides, we know those Autobots will always protect Equestria.  Anyway, my job is done.  So, farewell for now,” says Fladimus.
Black Aura appears through her body, and she disappears.
“Did you hear what she said?  About the missiles carrying the virus?” says Fox.
“I remember,” says Optimus.
One of the soldiers wakes up.  
“Where are the missiles?” says Fox.
The soldier told where the missiles are.  The three go to the base and quickly find the missiles.  
“How’re we going to get rid of the virus?” says Starlight.
“We have to slowly remove the cores from the missiles,” says Optimus.
And with that, the three quickly remove the cores one by one.
“Whew!  That was close!” says Starlight.
“Indeed,” says Optimus.
“It’s strange…I don’t see any soldiers around here,” says Fox.
The three go outside and saw the dead soldiers hanging by their necks from a tree.
“Who could’ve done this?!” says Starlight.
“She was right.  She is a devil,” says Optimus.
The three return to the kids and the parents finally came to them.  The kids run to the parents.
“Well, at least there’s one good thing; these kids are fine,” says Starlight.
The next day, the three go to a base, in hope of finding who is behind this.
“Are you sure this is the right place?” says Starlight.
“There’s a person wearing a mask.  And we found where he’s going.  And this is the base,” says Fox.
So the three go to the base.  Inside the base, they find the dead bodies of the C.I.A.  
“You two stay here.  I’ll go find who’s behind this,” says Optimus.
“Please be careful.  It might be one of those devils,” says Starlight.
Optimus goes to the base, and he finds the person in the mask.
“Optimus Prime, we finally meet once again,” says the person in the mask.
“Once again?! Who are you?” says Optimus.
“Of course, you wouldn’t recognize me wearing this,” says the person in the mask, revealing Sam Witwicky.
“By the Primes, it can’t be!” says Optimus.
“So, it comes down to this.  You asked me for help once, and now you stand in my way,” says Sam.
“Sam!  You’re one of them now?!  What are you trying to accomplish?” says Optimus.
“You know what I want?  I want them dead!  You should be grateful, the C.I.A. hunted the Autobots down,” says Sam.
“But why?” says Optimus.
“For revenge; for what they’ve done to my fiancé.  They interrogated her and they beat her senseless, I saw it with my own eyes.  And he came,” says Sam.
“Who?” says Optimus.
“Diablo.  He promised me I could get revenge on this race of humans,” says Sam.
“Sam, I can’t let you do this!” says Optimus.
Sam pointed a gun at Optimus.
“This is not an ordinary gun.  With this, one shot can kill a Transformer,” says Sam, pointing the gun at a wall then shooting it.  
“I’ll say this once: don’t get in my way,” says Sam.
Optimus tries to reason with Sam, but Sam quickly fires at Optimus.
“Sam! This is not what your fiancé wants!” says Optimus.
“You don’t know what she wants!” says Sam.
“Sam, revenge won’t bring her back!” says Optimus.
“SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!” says Sam.
Optimus grabs Sam and holds him.
“Sam! You’re a human being!” says Optimus.
“Not anymore!” says Sam.
Sam grabs Optimus’s fingers, but Optimus drops Sam.
“Sam…I’m sorry for what happened.  I’ve lost my share of friends, too.  I know you’re angry and frustrated.  But, killing them won’t bring her back,” says Optimus.
Sam sighed.
Optimus called Fox on his radio.
“I found the person who’s behind this.  His name is Diablo,” says Optimus.
“How’d you find this information?” says Fox.
Optimus turns around and sees that Sam is gone.
“Hmm, a former friend of mine told me that,” says Optimus.
Optimus goes outside and finds the rest of the group.  
“Optimus?  Are you okay? You look kind of down,” says Starlight.
“I lost someone.  He was a good friend of mine.  And now he’s become a devil,” says Optimus.
“So, what’s going to happen now?” says Fox.
“To be honest, I just don’t know,” says Optimus.
it began to rain, Optimus was thinking something.
“I wonder if they still have the virus, then I need to make a cure of it,” says Optimus.
“And how are you going to do that?” says Starlight.
“I’m going to Cybertron,” says Optimus.
“You think you’ll find some kind of cure by going there?” says Fox.
“I’m not really sure, but I need to try,” says Optimus.
“Well, good luck,” says Fox.
Meanwhile, in Cybertron, an Autobot is patrolling the sky. Then a ship landed on Cybertron. The Autobot goes to the ship, and the ship was open, and Optimus comes out of the ship.
“Optimus, it’s great to see you,” says the Autobot.
“Autobot, I’m looking for Rodimus Prime,” says Optimus.
“Of course, right this way,” says the Autobot. The Autobot goes to a building and let Rodimus Prime know that Optimus is here.
“Okay, let him in,” says Rodimus.
“Optimus goes inside the building.
“Optimus Prime, it’s good to see you again,” says Rodimus.
“It’s good to see you too, Rodimus,” says Optimus.
“So what brings you into Cybertron?” says Rodimus.
“A group of Devils made a virus that will kill the human race. I need to make a cure for the virus,” says Optimus.
“What kind of virus?” says Rodimus.
Optimus puts a jar on the table.
“This is the virus,” says Optimus.
“Will do,” says Rodimus.
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Diablo with Blackjack Fladimus and Sam witwicky is looking to the people.
“America, and the human race feel pride with their country and their race. Such false glory with a pathetic world. And now it is time for their judgement,” says Diablo.
And with that the four Devils split up and caused damage to the city  
back in Cybertron, Optimus and Rodimus saw the monitor and they saw Diablo destroying the city.
“We still need more time,” says Optimus.
“I’ll send the Autobots in there,” says Rodimus.
“Good luck. I’ll arrive once I make a cure,” says Optimus.
“There’s one more thing to do,” says Rodimus.  He gave Optimus the Matrix of Leadsership.
“Rodimus, what are you giving me this?” says Optimus.
“Because you are not only our leader, you are our friend. You will light our darkest hour and you will do it again,” says Rodimus.
“Thank you, Rodimus,” says Optimus. And with that Optimus holds the Matrix of Leadership.
Meanwhile on Earth, Diablo and his group are continuing to destroy the city. And then they come across the G. I. JOE
“So you’re behind all of this,” says Duke.
“Well, you’ve figured out very quickly,” says Diablo.
“You’re coming with us,” says Duke.
“Sorry, but I’m a little bit too busy, but one of my friends would gladly rip you apart,” says Diablo.
“It’s time for me to do my work,” says Black Jack. his charges at the G.I. JOE, which the rest of Diablo’s forces scattered.
On the other side of the city, a little girl is crying. A rock is about to fall on her, but Starlight used her magic to destroy the rock.
“Hey, are you okay?” says Starlight.
“Uh-huh, yeah. I’m fine, but my mom is stuck in car and she can’t get out”
“Don’t worry, we got this,” says Sideswipe. Sideswipe, Cliffjumper, and Goldbug, arrived. The three Autobots pick up the car. The little girl hugs her mom.
“It’s okay, the Autobots are here,” says Starlight.
“Okay,” says the little girl. And with that the little girl and her mom get somewhere safe.
“Hey Starlight, do you know where fox is?” says Goldbug.
“He’s about to get reinforcements,” says Starlight.
“The G.I. JOE’s are here as well. Do I guess we’re going to have to help them,” says Cliffjumper.
“You guys go ahead, I think I saw someone who is familiar,” says Goldbug.
“Okay, good luck,” says Sideswipe.
In the battlefield, the G.I. JOE’s continue to find Black jack.
“Come on guys, I know you can do better than this,” says Black jack.
“Here’s this,” says Heavy Duty, using a rocket launcher to fire at Black jack.
Black jack quickly got out of the way.
“Woah, that was really good, but it’s going to take more than that to stop me,” says Black Jack.
Cliffjumper quickly gets behind Black Jack and kicks him.
“Oh, my foot!” says Cliffjumper.
“Your foot of yours look pretty bad,” says Duke.
“These people are no ordinary” says Cliffjumper.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” says Sideswipe.
“And here comes the Autobots. You know, for a long history you guys just keep coming together. Well, now it’s time to end this. I’m through playing around,” says Black Jack, transforming into his devil form. “Now the real fight begins!”
Black Jack charges at the group and throws his guitar at them.
“Let’s see if you can keep it up when I use my music to tear this place apart,” says Black Jack. He plays his guitar and the music gets louder and louder.
“Man, that is some terrible music!” says Scarlett.
“And I thought Sound Wave had a thing with sounds,” says Sideswipe.
“That’s right, keep listening to it, because it will be the last thing you’ll hear,” says Black Jack.
Cliffjumper fires at the guitar and destroys it. Black Jack looks at his damaged guitar.
“Congratulations, tin can. You wrecked my guitar. Now I’m gonna wreck you,” says Black Jack.
Black Jack charges at Cliffjumper and punched him in the chest. Cliffjumper was falling into the ground. Duke tries to shoot at Black Jack, but Black Jack keeps dodging the bullets.
“You can’t hit me with bullets,” says Black Jack.
“Wasn’t trying,” says Duke. Sideswipe transformed into a car and runs over Black Jack. Black Jack was on the ground, laughing.
“I see now…you were actually jealous of the Autobots. You were in their shadow and when humans come to Equestria, you can’t stand it. That’s why you attacked Equestria. That’s why you tried to kill all those humans who just want to live peacefully with those ponies. I was there. You pretend you have your honor. It’s why you hate the Autobots, well, I’m not gonna let your excuses get to me. I’ll see you all in hell,” says Black Jack. And with that Black Jack keeps banging his head on the ground until he dies.
“Man, that was kind of brutal,” says Sideswipe.
“Well, at least it’s over” says Cliffjumper.
“No, it’s not over, not in a long shot,’ says Scarlett.
Meanwhile, at another part of the city, Fox has arrived and he find Fladimus.
“It’s over,” says Fox.
“It’s not over yet,” says Fladimus. Then she had a shocked face. “Black Jack. He’s dead! I hate this world. I hate what they’ve done to me. The gunshots, the solders, the killing. They had to DIE.” Says Fladimus, transforming into a devil.
“You stay out of my way, or you will suffer,” says Fladimus.
“I can’t do that,” says Fox.
“Then die!” says Fladimus. Fladimus screams and all the dead bodies come back to life. The dead bodies charge at Fox, but Fox blasted them with his blaster.
Fladimus continues to scream and the Predators come back to life.
“Oh, these guys again,” says Fox. Fox quickly defeated the Predators and charged at Fladimus. Fox grabs her by the throat and shoots her in the mouth.
“Don’t you see, these humans have tried to destroy other lifeforms. They attack those who are not human,” says Fladimus.
“That’s why I come to Earth to keep an eye on them,” says Fox. And with that, Fladimus has died.
The U.S. Army appears and Sam Witwicky goes to the Army and shoots the soldiers. The soldiers try to shoot back, but one by one Sam shoots the soldiers Only one soldier remains. Sam puts a gun to the soldier’s head.
“That’s enough!” says Goldbug.
“Bumblebee, so it’s you, isn’t it?” says Sam.
“It’s Goldbug now,” he says.
“This doesn’t really concern you,” says Sam.
“It does. You were my friend Sam. Just come with me and I can help you,” says Goldbug.
“It’s too late for that. Now if you get in my way you’ll die,” says Sam.
“must we fight?” says Goldbug.
“Yes, this is the end,” says Sam.
Sam and Goldbug shoot at each other; they keep side-stepping each other.  Goldbug throws a car at Sam, but Sam shoots the car.  Goldbug kicks Sam.  Sam quickly gets up.  Goldbug remembered the first day he met Sam and his adventures.  Sam charges at Goldbug, but Goldbug grabs him.
“Sam, this doesn’t have to be this way,” says Goldbug.
“He killed my fiancée!  This accursed world, and this accursed race!  It’s not worth saving! And I have already crossed that line,” says Sam, putting a gun to his face.  “Good-bye, Goldbug,” he says before pulling the trigger.  Goldbug falls to his knees.
“It was unfortunate…he was an ally,” says Diablo from behind Goldbug.
“You! You’re behind this!  You really are a devil!” says Goldbug.
“Thanks to the human race, I become a devil,” says Diablo.
“What do you mean?” says Goldbug.
“During the events of the War of the Sexes, some humans had evacuated to Equestria.  During that time, it was part of their home, but then the peace treaty was broken.  Soldiers had come and opened fire on every human who was in Equestria.  A few handfuls managed to escape.  We hid in a forest wondering what had just happened.  Others said we should never go to Equestria.  Some say it was the humans’ fault.  The U.S. soldiers found us.  They had orders to capture or kill.  One of the soldiers captured me, but they killed my parents.  Then…then something that I felt…I was bleeding, and my blood turned into a scythe and I became a devil.  And I slaughtered them all, and I decided that the human race must be purged,” says Diablo.
“That’s your plan?” says Goldbug.
“Indeed.  Unfortunately, you and Optimus have gotten in the way,” says Diablo.
Meanwhile, in a base, Marissa Faireborn saw the devastation of the city.
“This isn’t looking good; we have to bomb them,” says Marissa.
“But, there’re some people in there!” says one of the troops.
“It can’t be helped. If we can’t stop them here, we’ll lose everything!” says Marissa.  The missile launched to the city, and everyone saw it.
“have they gone nuts?!” says Goldbug.
Diablo was laughing.
“What’s so funny?” says Goldbug.
“This was my plan all along.  That missile carries the virus, and now it’s time for the human race to end!”  says Diablo.  He used a button that would destroy the missile, and the pieces of the missile fall onto all the different United States.  At the base, Marissa and her troops watched all this in horror.
“This can’t be…we have to think of something!” says Marissa.
One of her troops shoots himself.
Back at the city, Starlight saw this in horror.
“This was his plan all along!  Optimus, please hurry…” says Starlight.
Then, something comes out of the sky: two Titan Autobots, Metroplex and Omega Supreme.
Under their shoulders, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime are with them.
The two Primes look at the devastation.
“Such destruction,” says Optimus.
“Who could have done this?” said Rodimus.
“Him,” says Optimus, looking at Diablo.
“I’m going to finish this once and for all,” says Optimus.
“Good luck,” says Rodimus. And with that, Rodimus orders Metroplex and Omega to spread the cure over the country.
Meanwhile on the other side of the city, Starlight found Fox.
“Have you seen those giant robots?” says Starlight.
“Yeah, it must mean one thing…Optimus is back!” says Fox.
“So what are we waiting for? We have to help Optimus,” says Starlight.
“No, this is his fight,” says Fox.
Back in the battle field, Optimus faced with Diablo
“Optimus Prime. Do you not understand? For the cost of all this,” says Diablo.
“What do you mean?” says Optimus.
“The humans betrayed you, broke the Peace Treaty of Equestria, declared war on the heavens. That is why the human race must come to an end,” says Diablo.
“This destruction is meaningless. The humans are being watched by the Cornerian army,” says Optimus.
“And how long until they are going to rebuild? Humans always attack those who are not their kind and turn against their own,” says Diablo.
“That is enough. I won’t let you continue this madness anymore,” says Optimus.
“Well, it’s going to be this way. This is where your tale finally comes to an end,” says Diablo.
The two look at each other in the eyes. The dust blew over them and they begin to charge each other. Optimus throws his axe at Diablo, but Diablo quickly got out of the way and jumped in the air and kicked Optimus, but Optimus blocks the attack and hits him in the face and throws him to the ground. Diablo gets us and throws his scythe at Optimus. Optimus quickly gets out of the way. Diablo quickly grabs his sword and charged at Optimus chest, but Optimus blocks it with his axe.    Optimus holds his blaster at Diablo and fires. Diablo takes the blast and a large explosion. After this, Dialblo was standing with smoke and fire.
“You this this is the end? You think you won? Not even close!” says Diablo, transforming to his devil form. The wind blew
“I will not be denied. I will have my revenge. No one will stop me, not even you OPTIMUS PRIME!” shouted diablo. He is charging at Optimus and kicks him in the chest, slamming him into a building.
Diablo was walking to Optimus, holding his Scythe to Optimus’ throat.
“How many of your kind are going to die? Humans never trusted you. You of all people should know that. Humanity had its chance. No matter how many times you save this worthless race. They always hated you and your kind,” says Diablo.
“Even so, I must go forward. and stop you. Optimus’ eyes turn white. Optimus throws Diablo.
“What is this?” says Diablo.
“It is the cure that I’ve been working on in Crybertron. This is Light Energon,” says Optimus.
Optimus charged at Diablo and their weapons clashed into each other. A few minutes has passed
“Just accept it, Optimus. They will never accept you. So just GIVE UP!” says Diablo.
“I never give up,” says Optimus, raising his fist towards Diablo, punching his whole entire body. The punch was so powerful it forced Diablo to slam into the ground.
“My body. I can’t move,” says Diablo.
“It’s over, you’re done,” says Optimus.
“You are a fool. The humans will always think of you as a threat. It’s too late for them. The virus is spreading through the country. And soon the world,” says Diablo.
“I wouldn’t count on it,” says Optimus.
Back outside the city, Metroplex and Omega Supreme launch light energon into the sky. It spread all over the country and the humans who had been effected by the virus slowly became cured.
“Well, Optimus has done it again,” says Cliffjumper.
“I have to be honest, when I heard about the transformers I through they were just machines, but now I realize there’s more than meets the eye.” Says Scarlett.
Meanwhile, in the Earth Defense Team base, Marissa Faireborn saw this.
“Optimus Prime, you really are a strong one, but still you are too dangerous for this world,” says Marissa.
Suddenly the Cornerian Army shows up with General Pepper.
“Marissa, who gave you orders to fire that missile?” says General Pepper.
“I thought was I was doing was right,” says Marissa.
“Even so, you have put the human race in danger. If it weren’t for Optimus, the human race would be extinct. I warned you there will be consequences. And as punishment, you give me no choice but to strip you of your rank and take away your weapons,” says General Pepper.
“How are we supposed to fight? Says Marissa.
“You have people like Optimus to help you,” says General Pepper. Marissa was frustrated
Optimus was walking and ran into Starlight and Fox.
“Optimus, you did it,” says Starlight.
“Yes, the threat is finally over,” says Optimus.
The next day, Optimus is looking to the sky.
“I wonder if the day comes that I never have to fight,” says Optimus.
“Hey Optimus, are you coming?” says Goldbug. Optimus saw the rest of the Autobots.
“Don’t worry, I’m coming,” says Optimus. Optimus walks over to his Autobots and enjoys a long lasting peace.
Optimus Prime in Halo
                                                                      Optimus Prime in Halo

A mother and her child are running away from the Decepticons.  Decepticons surround the two.  The mother holds her child.  Suddenly, a truck appears.  The truck starts firing rockets at the Decepticons.  There was one Decepticon left.  The truck transformed into Optimus Prime.  The Decepticon charged at Optimus, but Optimus threw his axe and sliced the Decepticon in half.  Optimus transformed into his truck form and drives off.
“Thank you,” says the child.
Meanwhile, in a base, a general has figured out what the Decepticons are up to with Master Chief.
“These giant creatures are everywhere.  Do you have any idea where they’ve come from?” says the general.
“Hmm, I think they’re coming from that space station,” says Master Chief.
“Well, I’m sure you’ll find a way to stop them.  You always do,” says the general.
Meanwhile, on an island, Optimus is resting.  Then, he hears voices in his head:
“Prime…why have you betrayed us?” says a voice.
“What?!” says Optimus.
“You…allowed the humans…to destroy us…and now…all of us…are DEAD,” says another voice.
Optimus is having hallucinations that all of the dead Transformers are crawling out of the ground.
“No!  I didn’t betray you!  I only did what is right!” says Optimus.
Then, he saw Twilight in his mind.
“Why did you leave us?” says Twilight.
“I was trying to protect you from myself!” says Optimus.
“All of my friends have been captured and experimented on! All of Equestria is burned because you left us!  You were supposed to be our friend!  You turned your back on us!” says Twilight, turning into a monster.
Then, Optimus turns around and sees himself with purple eyes.  Optimus was in horror.  Then he screams and quickly transforms into a truck, then leaves.
The next day, Master Chief and his troops are going to a forest.  
“I’m getting a feeling we’re not alone,” says one of the troops.
“Of course we’re not,” says Master Chief.
Master Chief and his troops found the Decepticon base.  
“So, they’re making a base here.  Let’s go see if we can get some information,” says Master Chief.
The group goes to the base and then inside the base.  They find a computer.  Master Chief begins to hack it.
“It all makes sense now…they’re from another dimension,” says Master Chief.
The group goes outside, and sees a helicopter flying over them.
“What’s a helicopter doing there?” says one of the troops.
“That’s no helicopter,” says Master Chief.
The helicopter opens fire at the troops.  Optimus Prime was walking to the forest, then he saw the helicopter attacking the troops.  Optimus quickly goes to the base, and grabs the helicopter, throwing it to the ground.  The helicopter transforms into Cyclonus.
“Optimus Prime, man it is really good to see you in person!  So, when are we going to start the shooting?  The exploding? So, let’s get to it, shall we?” says Cyclonus.
Optimus scowls at Cyclonus.
“Oh, don’t be like that!  Wait a minute…where’s your team?  Oh…don’t tell me you’re here all by yourself?  Oho, I’ve got to tell the boss about this!” says Cyclonus.
Optimus quickly punched Cyclonus in the face.
“Oh, did I forget to mention?  This dimension is Decepticon property now!” says Cyclonus.
And with that, the fight begins.  Cyclonus charges at Optimus, but Optimus grabs his hands and kicks him in the stomach.  
“I better keep my distance from you,” says Cylonus, transforming into a helicopter.  Cyclonus fires on Optimus, but Optimus quickly ducked.  He’s about to open fire, but Optimus keeps having hallucinations.
“No!  Not again!” says Optimus.
Optimus sees himself with purple eyes.  
“For our world to live, theirs must die,” says evil Optimus.
“No!  This is meaningless!  Cybertron has been revived!” says Optimus.
Then, he hears a missile.  He quickly grabs it, and realized it was Cyclonus who fired it.
“Oh, you’re a very good catch, Optimus.  Let’s see if you can keep it us,” says Cyclonus.
Master Chief used a rocket launcher to aim at Cyclonus.  It hit Cyclonus and he falls to the ground.  Optimus walks into Cyclonus.  
“Well, guess it’s going to be one of those days, huh?  Let me guess, you’re going to help the humans?  You must be really gullible, because they’ve double crossed you once or twice.  I mean, betray you once, shame on them; betray you twice, shame on you!” says Cyclonus.
Optimus raised a blaster to Cyclonus’s face, blowing it off.  Optimus was breathing.  One of the troops raised a gun to him, but Master Chief puts the gun down.  Optimus looks at Master Chief, then transforms into a truck and leaves.
Meanwhile, in a space station, Quintessa is looking to the Earth.
“Hmm, this Earth has some extraordinary weapons.  I trust that you will destroy them, Galvatron,” says Quintessa.
“It will be my pleasure, my maker,” says Galvatron.
Meanwhile, on Earth, Master Chief has shared the information about the general.
“So, these things are from another dimension?” says the general.
“Yeah, that’s how it appears to us,” says Master Chief.
“Hmm, but what about that one?  That transformed into a truck,” says the general.
“There’s something special about that one,” says Master Chief.
Meanwhile, in a desert, Optimus is walking.  Then, he saw the Decepticons with Galvatron.
“Decepticons, once we conquer this world, Cybertron will be next!” says Galvatron.
“That voice…it can’t be!” says Optimus.
“Ah, I see you’ve come to this world, too, Prime!” says Galvatron.
“Is that you, Megatron?” says Optimus.
“Not anymore.  You will refer to me as Galvatron.”
“What are you doing in this dimension?” says Optimus.
“I was revived by the MECH Organization to conquer Cybertron, but things didn’t go so well, so I created a black hole to destroy the planet.  I was sucked into the portal; I was floating in space, and then a ship appeared.  They took me in, then I saw our creator of the Transformers, Quintessa,” says Galvatron.
Galvatron ordered his Decepticons to surround Optimus. But Optimus defended himself against the Decepticons.
“Impressive, Optimus. However, this is where you die,” says Galvatron.
Suddenly, ships arrive and troops are landing with Master Chief.
“This does not concern you!” says Galvatron.
“It does now,” says Master Chief. Master Chief shoots at Galvatron.
“These bullets are no match for me,” says Galvatron.
Master Chief pulls out a rocket launcher and hits Galvatron in the chest.
“That will lead to your slow and painful death,” says Galvatron.
Optimus throws Galvatron to the ground.
“Not if I’m still around,” says Optimus.
“I’d love to continue our fight, but I have more important things to do,” says Galvatron, ordering his Decepticons to retreat.
“Quintessa, what’s he talking about?” says Optimus.
It was midnight. Master Chief and his troops are discussing the next plan.
“Those giant robots are up to something. The thing is, what are they up to?” says Master Chief.
“But what about that one?” says a troop, pointing at Optimus.
Optimus was looking towards the fire and saw himself with purple eyes
“Please, no more,” says Optimus.
Master Chief goes up to Optimus.
“So, what’s your story?” says Master Chief to Optimus.
“I keep having these nightmares,” says Optimus.
“Nightmares? What kind of nightmares?”
“The nightmares is about fighting my friend, Bumblebee. I told him to forgive me, but what does that mean?” says Optimus.
“So you’re not with the others,” says Master Chief.
“Those are called The Decepticons. And their leader is Megatron, but now he changed him name to Galvatron.
“So, that means you’re going to help us?” says Master Chief.
“In my dimension, my team and I partner with the humans, however, they betrayed me. So I can’t take that risk,” says Optimus.
Suddenly, one of Master Chief’s troops called.
“Uhh, we have an emergency,” says one of the troops.
During the radio, the group hears it. It’s from the space station.
“We need back-up, it’s an emergency. We are under attack,” says the captain.
“Is it the giant robots?” Says Master Chief?
“No, it’s something different,” says the captain. Then the captain screams and radio ended with static.
“Well, I don’t know what’s going on, but we need to find out,” says Master Chief.
So the group goes to the space station in a space ship with Optimus.
“So, what changed your mind? Says Master Chief.
“I have a feeling that Galvatron is behind this,” says Optimus.
So the group gets inside the space station, and they saw all the dead bodies all over the ground.
“There’s a hole in their chest,” says one of the troops.
And then, they see a shadow. The shadow was getting closer and they saw the Xenomorph. The group opened fire at the Xenomorph, but the Xenomorph moves too fast. The Xenomorph is about to attack one of the troops, but Optimus grabs the Xenomorph and throws it into space.
“Just what the hell was that?” says one of the troops.
“I think those were one of the monsters that killed the people in the space station,” says Master Chief.
“I think you need to get your men out of here,” says Optimus.
“Why so? Says Master Chief.
“I think those monsters are coming from the humans,” says Optmius
“You may have a point,” says Master Chief. And with that, the troops go back to the ship.
“Good luck,” says one of the troops.
“Thanks,” says Master Chief.
And so the troops fly off.
“Well, it’s just you and me,” says Master Chief.
So the two continue on the space station and see a scientist.  The scientist is scared.
“What happened?” says Master Chief.
“We were experimenting with these eggs, and then these things came out of them.  It reached the faces of my crew, and these creatures came out of their chests!” says the scientist.
“Where did you find these eggs?” says Optimus.
“We found them in space,” says the scientist.
“How many of these things are there?” says Master Chief.
“I’m not sure…” says the scientist.
Before the scientist can explain anymore, a Xenomorph grabs him and kills him.  Master Chief shoots the Xenomorph, and it falls to the ground.  The two look out the window and see the queen.
“She must be the one who made these eggs,” says Optimus.
“Looks like we have to use these detonators,” says Master Chief.
The two go to the nest, and they plant the detonators.  The queen was starting to move.
“You keep putting those detonators! I’ll fight the queen!” says Optimus.
Optimus charges at the queen.  The queen lashes her tail at Optimus.  Optimus grabs the tail and chops the tail off with his ax.  The queen screams, and Optimus kicks the queen in the chest.  Master Chief is done putting the detonators.
“Okay, these detonators are done.  We have to go!” says Master Chief.
“Got it!” says Optimus.
Optimus blasts the queen, and transforms into a truck.  Master Chief goes inside the truck, and they both leave.  While driving, they saw the queen was chasing them.  
“She’s really persistent!” says Master Chief.
“Hold on! This might get bumpy!” says Optimus.
Optimus fires a wall outside into space.  The queen was being sucked into space.  The space station was exploded by the detonators.  
“I’m glad that’s over,” says Optimus.
The two go back to Earth.  Quintessa goes to the queen.
“You are truly a failure.  I thought you’d be useful, but I was wrong. Now, the only one who can destroy Optimus is his closest ally,” says Quintessa.
On Earth, Optimus and Master Chief landed in the forest.  
“Well, it was an honor to fight beside you,” says Optimus.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to leave,” says Master Chief.  
“I have to.  My nightmares might become my reality,” says Optimus.
“What if I can help you fight your nightmares?  I think these nightmares are making you think you’re trying to be a destroyer, but I don’t think you have it in you.  There are some reports that you saved a mother and her child, so I think you’re trying to stop your nightmares,” says Master Chief.
Then, they saw Bumblebee.
“It’s one of my Autobots!  Bumblebee!” says Optimus.
Optimus goes to Bumblebee.
“Bumblebee?  What are you doing here?” says Optimus.
Bumblebee doesn’t answer.
“Bumblebee? Is there something wrong?” says Optimus, touching his shoulder.  But Bumblebee kicks Optimus in the stomach.  “Bumblebee!  What’s gotten into you?!”  Then, he saw Bumblebee with purple eyes.  “No…not him!  Anything but him!” says Optimus.
Then Quintessa shows up.
“Optimus Prime, we finally meet,” says Quintessa.
“Who are you?” says Optimus.
“I am Quintessa, the maker of the Transformers,” she says.
“The maker?  I thought the allspark created the Transformers,” says Optimus.
“I created that, too,” says Quintessa.
“What are you trying to do?” says Optimus.
“I’m trying to conquer the world and destroy all the humans.  Once I destroy the humans, I will make an army of Transformers to go to Cybertron and gain control of it once again.  That’s why I need Bumblebee,” says Quintessa.
“What have you done to him?!” says Optimus.
“He came to me.  I told him I could help him find you, and I did.  I also made him a little bit more obedient,” says Quintessa.
“Release him at once!” says Optimus.
“I’m afraid I can’t.  He is your destruction.  Bumblebee, destroy Optimus Prime,” says Quintessa.
Bumblebee charges at Optimus.
“Bumblebee!  Don’t listen to her!  We fought together!  From Cybertron to Earth to Equestria!  We fought against Megatron, Ultron, and Unicron!  You are one of my closest allies!  Please, don’t let her control you!” says Optimus.
Bumblebee throws a hammer at Optimus.  Optimus kicks Bumblebee in the stomach.
“Bumblebee!  She is the real enemy!  Fight her control!”
Bumblebee’s eyes begin to turn blue.
“Optimus…is that you?” says Bumblebee.
“Yes, it’s me,” says Optimus.
“Where were you?  Twilight was worried about you,” says Bumblebee.
“The nightmares and hallucinations are happening to me,” says Optimus.
Quintessa threw lightning at Bumblebee.
“You are a failure, Bumblebee.  Just like Optimus,” says Quintessa.
“Quintessa, you witch!” says Optimus.
“Silence!  I am the creator.  I decide who is worthy and who is worthless,” says Quintessa.
Master Chief was opening fire at Quintessa.  She was beginning to retreat.
“Come back here, you coward!” says Optimus.
“Patience.  Your time will come,” says Quintessa.
And with that, she leaves.  Bumblebee was on the ground, and Optimus picks him up.  
“This is all my fault.  If I hadn’t left, you wouldn’t be in this. QUINTESSA! I CURSE YOU A THOUSAND DEATHS!” says Optimus.
The two go to a base with Bumblebee.  A scientist tries to repair him.  
“Do you think they’re going to repair him?” says Master Chief.
“We’re not sure yet,” says the scientist.
“The reason he’s here is because of me,” says Optimus.
Then, a flashback begins:
Optimus was in Equestria with his Autobots and his friends.  He was returning after the war of Heaven and Hell.  
“Ah!  You have returned!” says Princess Celestia.
“The peace has been returned and Twilight showed incredible courage,” says Optimus.
“Well, you are certainly always welcome to Equestria,” says Celestia.
Optimus goes to Ponyville.  Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo went to Optimus.
“How did you stop Satan, Mr. Optimus?” says Sweetie Bell.
“Now, now, this was war was extremely not suitable for children,” says Optimus.
“Please?  Tell us?” says Apple Bloom.
“Ugh, alright,” says Optimus.
He tells the three ponies about the story of the war of Heaven and Hell.  It was afternoon, and he is with Twilight.
“Wow, things have sure gotten peaceful,” says Twilight.
“Indeed,” says Optimus.
“So, with Megatron gone, that means the war against the Autobots and the Decepticons is over?” says Twilight.
“It’s hard to say, but, in the meantime, I enjoyed these peaceful moments,” says Optimus.
“Do you remember the first day we met?” says Twilight.
“Yes, Ponyville was being invaded,” says Optimus.
“And then you came and rescued us.  All the ponies were very scared, but thanks to the Autobots, we were saved,” says Twilight.  
“Well, I’m glad I found a place that I could call home and loyal friends I can trust,” says Optimus.
It was night.  Optimus was sleeping, and then the nightmares began.  The dream was about Optimus finding Bumblebee.  Optimus told Bumblebee, “Forgive me…” Then, Optimus woke up.
“What was that?!” says Optimus.
The next day, Optimus goes to Princess Luna and tells her about the dream.
“And this dream is about you fighting against Bumblebee?” says Princess Luna.
“Yes.  I told him, ‘forgive me,’ but I don’t know what that means,” says Optimus.
“Hmm, perhaps we should find out what this dream is about tonight,” says Luna.
It was night, and Optimus was dreaming and Luna was in his dream.  
“So, where does this dream take place?” says Luna.
Then, the two saw the fight.
“That’s me!  And that’s Bumblebee!” says Optimus.
“But, why are they fighting?” says Luna.
The two go to the fight, and Optimus sees himself with purple eyes.
“What kind of madness is this?!” says Optimus.
“I don’t know, but it looks like he’s about to finish Bumblebee off!” says Luna.
Optimus quickly grabs the dream Optimus.
“What is the meaning of this?!” says Optimus.
The dream Optimus looks at Optimus: “For our world to live, theirs must die.”
“What?!” says Optimus.
Luna fires at the dream Optimus with her magic, and they both wake up.
“Is it over?” says Optimus.
“Hmm, I’m not sure,” says Luna.
The next day, Optimus is with Cliffjumper, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee.  
“How are things going, Autobots?” says Optimus.
“Things are going great,” says Sideswipe.
“Hmm, I wonder how things are going on Cybertron?” says Cliffjumper.
“Cybertron?” says Optimus.
“Yeah, I’m sure things are really good there,” says Cliffjumper.
Then he saw himself with purple eyes, and that was the beginning of the hallucinations.
“Optimus, are you okay?” says Sideswipe.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” says Optimus.
A few weeks pass.  Optimus keeps having nightmares and hallucinations.  Optimus saw himself.  
“You will become darkness.  You will bring destruction to the humans.  And as for the ponies, they should rethink their hero,” says Evil Optimus.
Then the hallucination ended.  It was beginning to rain.  Optimus looked into his hand.  He couldn’t bear to put his friends and other worlds in danger.  So, he decided to leave.
“Forgive me, my friends,” says Optimus.
And with that, he transformed into a truck and left, hoping he could protect them from himself.  And with that, the flashback ended.
“You’re thinking about something?” asked Master Chief.
“If I hadn’t left, maybe Bumblebee wouldn’t be in this condition,” says Optimus.
“Maybe this was unavoidable, but, at least he’s still alive,” says Master Chief.
Suddenly they saw the satellite; the Decepticons are transforming into a Halo.
“This is not good,” says Master Chief.
“What is it?” says Optimus.
“They’re making a Halo; it’s a weapon of mass destruction,” says Master Chief.
“Then, Galvatron and Quintessa are in there,” says Optimus.
“Well, it looks like that’s our next stop.  We’re going to destroy the Halo,” says Master Chief.
Optimus looked at Bumblebee.  “I’ll be back soon, I promise,” says Optimus.
And with that, the two go to a ship and launched into the Halo.  They landed into it.
“You know these Halos, how do we destroy it?” says Optimus.
“Simple.  There is a core, so we destroy it,” says Master Chief.
“Okay then.  Let’s go,” says Optimus.
So, the two split up.  Master Chief finds the core, and Optimus finds Quintessa.  Optimus was finally face to face with Quintessa.
“I knew you would come to me, Optimus Prime,” says Quintessa.
“Let me ask you a question: what is the use of destroying this world?  Are you trying to revive Cybertron?  Because our planet has already been revived,” says Optimus.
“Once I destroy this world, I’m going to conquer Cybertron,” says Quintessa.
“What?!” says Optimus.
“I created the Transformers, but the problem is, they have free will of their own, and rebelled.  They cast me out of Cybertron, their own master and creator!” says Quintessa.
“And you made this weapon?  For revenge?” says Optimus.
“I only seek one fate: absolute control,” says Quintessa.
“I won’t let you do this!” says Optimus.  Optimus charged at Quintessa, but tentacles came from the ground and the walls grabbing him.  
“You have strong will…but you will soon be mine to control,” says Quintessa, grabbing his head.  And one of Optimus’s eyes turned purple.  Optimus is in his mind, and he saw his dark side.  
“This is necessary.  Quintessa…our maker…will retain order,” says Evil Optimus.
“She’s destroying, not creating,” says Optimus.
“Quintessa fights for our kind.  Free will is a plague.  Freedom creates chaos.  Peace will only come for this world’s extinction,” says Evil Optimus.
“You call this peace?!  Freedom is not a plague!  Fighting for one’s own kind is never enough!  Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!  And I will not let you destroy that freedom.  I have let you haunt me for far too long.  Now, it is time for you to disappear,” says Optimus, punching Evil Optimus.
Optimus raised his ax.  And Evil Optimus raised his sword.  Both of them charged into each other.  When their weapons collided with each other, sparks came from the weapons.  
“Let the darkness consume you! It is the only way!” says Evil Optimus.
“Never!” says Optimus.
Optimus grabs the sword and throws his ax into Evil Optimus’s chest.  
“I will never let darkness consume me!  You are no longer part of me!” says Optimus.
Evil Optimus is starting to disappear. “No!  You need me!!!” says Evil Optimus.  And with that, he turned to dust and was no more.  
Optimus was returning to reality.  Quintessa is starting to lose control.  
“It’s…it’s impossible!  How…how do you have this strong will?” says Quintessa.
“I am not your puppet!  I am Optimus Prime, and I will not be your tool ever again!” says Optimus, pulling the tentacles off.
“No!  I’m your creator!  How dare you defy me!” says Quintessa.
Suddenly, Quintessa was blasted from behind.  It was Bumblebee.
“Bumblebee!  You’re fine!” says Optimus.
“That’s right!  This new body feels great!  I feel gold!” says Bumblebee.
“Gold, huh?  Well, in that case, your new name will be Goldbug,” says Optimus.
“Goldbug…I like it!” says Goldbug.
Quintessa is getting up.  “This…is not over!” says Quintessa.
Suddenly, the Halo is falling apart.  
“This means Master Chief has successfully destroyed the core!  We have to find him!” says Optimus.
And with that, they go to Master Chief.  Quintessa tries to follow them, but she was injured.  Then, Galvatron walks behind her.
“So, you failed to destroy Prime.  I have to be honest, you were a disappointment,” says Galvatron.
“How dare you talk to me like that…your own creator!” says Quintessa.
“You may be my creator, but you are no master of mine,” says Galvatron, grabbing her.  “I thought you’d be useful, but I was wrong,” he says.  
“You can’t do this!  I gave you life!” says Quintessa.
“Consider it a debt of gratitude,” says Galvatron, pushing his thumb to Quintessa’s throat, and suffocating her.  Then, he crushes her throat, and Quintessa dies.
“You’re next, Optimus!”
Optimus and Goldbug find the chief.  
“Master Chief, the Halo is falling apart,” says Optimus.
“I know.  It’s time for us to leave,” says Master Chief.
The group is about to go to the ship.  Then, Galvatron appears, grabbing Optimus.
“Go to the ship now!” says Optimus.
“What about you?” says Goldbug.
“No time! Go!” says Optimus.
Optimus throws the ship into space.
“Well, Optimus, this is where you finally come to an end,” says Galvatron.
“The only thing that will come to an end is this war between us,” says Optimus.
“At last, we finally agree on something,” says Galvatron.
“We were brothers once, but now, we are sworn enemies,” says Optimus.
“No more talk.  It is time to end this.  Right here, right now, to fight to the death!” says Galvatron.
And with that, Optimus and Galvatron charged at each other.  They both shoot each other, and Optimus throws an ax, and Galvatron grabs the ax in his hands, forcing his hands to bleed.  Optimus throws a blaster into Galvatron’s chest.  Galvatron takes the blast, and then he tackles Optimus.  Galvatron throws Optimus to the ground.  Galvatron is about to step on Optimus’s face, but Optimus grabs his foot and throws him to the ground.  
“They say that even Transformers go to Hell.  I have been in Hell ever since.  I was thinking about how much I hated you.  I wanted to destroy you, even go so far as to sacrifice my entire army just to destroy you!” says Galvatron.
“This hatred of yours has cost you so much…your hatred is strong, but you know, everyone has a burden in life.  Yours are no heavier or lighter than anyone else’s,” says Optimus.
“Optimus, from the first day I saw you, you were my burden.  Then, you became a Prime.  I never imagined you would get in my way.  I should’ve destroyed you the first day we met!  And if that means I have to destroy the cosmos, so be it!” says Galvtron.
“I will not let your madness continue anymore!” says Optimus.
Optimus charged at Galvatron, and grabs him by the face.  He throws him through wall after wall.  The Halo is falling apart.  The Halo is about to be destroyed.  
“It looks like this is the end of both of us,” says Galvatron.  
“At least one of us dies with someone who has friends.  You will be alone,” says Optimus.
“Enough of this!  Now die!” says Galvatron.
Galvatron charged at Optimus.  But Optimus chopped his arm off with his ax, and he chopped his legs and other arm.
“NOOOO…MORE!!!” shouted Optimus, slicing his body in half.  Optimus is falling to his knees.
“So, this is the end of me…I am glad…I go out saving this world…” says Optimus.
Then, he saw a light.  He saw all his friends.  Sonic, Spiderman, Celestia and Luna, Cliffjumper and Sideswipe, Rodimus Prime, and Twilight.  
“Optimus, you have lightened our darkest hour.  So, do not let your light go out,” says Twilight.
Optimus begins to get up.  Optimus jumps at the parts of the Halo, and quickly lands in the ocean of the Earth, and saw the Halo exploding.  
“At last…It’s finally over,” says Optimus.
The next day, Optimus returns to Master Chief and Goldbug.  
“So, does this mean Galvatron is destroyed?” says Goldbug.
“Yes, but I fear even a greater evil than him will rise to the surface,” says Optimus.
Optimus goes to Master Chief.  
“Thank you for all your help,” says Optimus.
“It was nothing,” says Master Chief.
“It seems you have your own war as well,” says Optimus.
“Yeah, it’s going to take a long time to end it,” says Master Chief.
“Well, I wish you luck,” says Optimus.
“So, what’re we going to do now?” says Goldbug.
“We’re going back to our home,” says Optimus.
And with that, Optimus transformed into a truck and Goldbug transformed into a car and they drive off.
Master Chief saw them both driving, and wished them luck.
The Rowdy Rough Boys: War on Prejudice
                                                                                                                      The Rowdy Rough Boys: War on Prejudice
It all started while the leaders of the world are talking about America.  
“You Americans have gone too far,” says one of the leaders of Africa.
“You have caused enough trouble.  Because of you, the Cornerian Army keeps watching over us,” says another leader.
“We only fought for what is best for our race,” says the president in the shadows.
“And who are you?” says another leader.
“We are the dominant race,” says the president in the shadows.
“He’s gone mad!” says one of the leaders.
The police came and took him away.  But, the president released himself.
“Mark my words, it’s either them or us.  As a human species, we must do what is necessary,” says the person in the shadows, leaving.
“Ingrates…well then, to protect our humanity, we, the dominant race must sacrifice our humanity.”
Meanwhile, the Rowdy Rough Boys saw this in the news.  
“Man, what a loser,” says Butch.
“Yeah, dog people keep an eye on them, and they still don’t get it,” says Boomer.
“Eh, let’s just change the channel, boys.  This is going nowhere,” says Brick.
Suddenly, some breaking news appears: “The terrorist organization known as The Dominance is terrorizing Townsville.”
“Alright, boys!  Let’s take them down!” says Brick.
And with that, the boys fly over Townsville.
“Okay, boys.  Let’s find some civilians and get them out of here!” says Brick.
And with that, the boys split up to find civilians.  Butch finds a girl in a wheelchair.  
“There you go!” says Butch.
Boomer finds a husband and wife.
“Hey, have you seen our son?” says the husband.
“Oh, there he is!  I found him!” says Brick.
“Oh! Thank you so much!” says the wife.
“Yeah, you guys get there safe.  We’ll put an end to this,” says Boomer.
Butch rejoins the other two.
“Hey, is that all of them?” says Butch.
“Yeah, but where’s the leader behind this?” says Brick.
“Right here,” says the leader.
“And who are you supposed to be?” says Boomer.
“The name is Ronix,” says the leader.
“Let me guess: you’re going to be the dominant race…that line is getting really old!” says Butch.
“Well, to prove our humanity’s strength, we have to sacrifice our humanity!” and with that, Ronix injects himself and turns into a monster.
“Oh, ho, ho, ho! Man, you look so ridiculous! And you try to prove humanity’s strength by sacrificing it?! That doesn’t even make any sense!” says Butch.
“It doesn’t matter what you think, you three have caused enough trouble.  Now, die!” says Ronix.
And with that, the fight begins.  In a couple of minutes, the boys have won the fight.
“Give it up!  You’re done!” says Brick.
“Not yet, I just made some time for the real attack!” says Ronix.
“Wait- what are you talking about?” says Brick.
Ronix grows wings, then blasts a building.  The boys quickly catch the building.
“What was that about?” says Boomer.
“I will answer that,” says General Pepper.
“Hey, I know you.  You’re that general guy- General Pepper,” says Boomer.
“Indeed.  Come to my base, I have some information behind this crisis,” says General Pepper.
So the group goes to the base.
“We believe the Dominants sent their troops to other dimensions, and also have the ability to turn their bodies into a living weapon,” says General Pepper.
“Wouldn’t that be dangerous to their body?” says Boomer.
“Indeed. I know you’ve dealt with these Dominants before, so, will you help us stop them?” asked General Pepper.
“Don’t have to ask that.  But, how are we going to get through those dimensions?” says Brick.
“With these watches, you can cross dimensions and other planets, too,” says General Pepper.
And with that, the boys put the watches on.
“Thanks,” says Boomer.
“Alright then, here we go!” says Brick.
Using the watch, he creates a portal, and the boys go through it.  The boys are in Megakat City.
“Okay, so, where are we now?” says Butch.
“Hey look!  There’re kat people!” says Boomer.
So, the boys go to the city.
“Hmm, I wonder if there’re any of the Dominants around here?” says Brick.
Meanwhile, in a building, Callie Briggs is working on stamping bills.
“Man, this is kind of boring.  I just hope the SWAT Kats are alright,” says Callie.
Suddenly, she saw a missile.  
“Oh, no! That missile is about to reach the city!” says Callie.
But the Rowdy Rough Boys stopped the missile.
“Let’s see, aren’t there supposed to be some kind of wires to stop the engine?” says Butch.
“Ooh!  I found some! But…which one do I pull?” says Boomer.
“Hey, it’s the wire!  The red one!  Cut the red one!” says Callie, using the window.
“Oh! I see the red one!” says Boomer, and he pulled the red one, deactivating the missile.
The boys put the missile down.
“Say, thanks for helping us deactivate that missile!” says Brick.
“Um, no problem.  Say, you’re not from here, are you?” says Callie.
“No, we’re from another dimension, and from another planet,” says Brick.
“Say, there’s a group called the SWAT Kats, have you heard of them?” says Boomer.
“Why yes!  They’re the heroes in Megakat City,” says Callie.
“Oh, that explains a lot,” says Butch.
“Say, are they alright?” says Callie.
“Oh, they’re fine.  They’re doing pretty well,” says Brick.
Meanwhile, outside the city, the Dominants have heard that their missile has been deactivated.
“Ack!  Those boys keep getting in the way!  I guess I have to do this myself,” says the soldier.
Meanwhile, back in the city, the boys are with Callie.
“So, how do you know about the SWAT Kats?” says Brick.
“Well, I call them when there’s trouble.  There is this purple beam.  It caused a lot of damage to the city.  The SWAT Kats joined with Star Fox to investigate who was behind the attack,” says Callie.
“I’ll tell you who was behind the attack: it was the Dominants,” says Brick.
“The Dominants? Who are they?” says Callie.
“A terrorist organization who attacks people who are not their kind,” says Butch.
“That’s why we’ve come through dimensions and we plan to stop them,” says Boomer.
Suddenly, smoke is appearing.  The soldier of the Dominants is causing destruction.  The Enforcers have arrived with Feral.
“Who are you?” says Feral.
“The name’s Dabbie, and I’m part of the Dominants,” says the soldier.
“And why are you here?” says Feral.
“To finish the job.  Apparently, this is one of the few worlds that we attacked,” says Dabbie.
“Blast him, now!” says Feral.
But Dabbie used his body as a shield.
“Your weapons have no effect on me!  I can use my body as a shield and as a weapon, too” says Dabbie, using his hand as a cannon, blasting the Enforcers.  Feral was on the ground, and Dabbie is about to shoot Feral, but Boomer kicks his hand away.
“Looks like we’ve arrived just in time,” says Boomer.
“Oh, it’s you three.  Look, we’re trying to prove our strength, what’s wrong with that?” says Dabbie.
“Um, let me see…you’re causing destruction, you’re attacking worlds, and most importantly, you guys are terrorists,” says Brick.
“It really makes no difference.  Those that are not our kind are our enemies,” says Dabbie.
And with that, the fight begins.  Dabbie fires at the boys, but the boys get out of the way.  So Brick punches him in the stomach, but it has no effect.
“Okay, what are you made of?” says Brick.
“I’m made of titanium.  My whole body is made of steel,” says Dabbie.  
“But what about your insides?” says Brick, using his laser eyes to attack Dabbie’s mouth, causing his mouth to catch on fire.
“Looks like you need to chill out,” says Boomer, throwing him into the ocean.  But Dabbie quickly gets to the city.
“You boys think you’re clever.  I’ll put an end to you for good!” says Dabbie.
But his body was beginning to collapse on itself.  
“So much for him being invincible,” says Butch.
“This ain’t over!  I’ll be back!” says Dabbie.
“Um, actually, no you won’t,” says Boomer, tripping him.
“You are under arrest,” says Feral, hand-cuffing Dabbie.  And the Enforcers take him away for interrogation.  
The boys go to Callie.  
“Thanks.  I don’t know what we’re going to do,” says Callie.
“Well, don’t worry about it,” says Brick.
“The boys use the watch for opening a portal.
“Oh, tell the SWAT Kats I say hello.  And please come back soon,” says Callie.
“Will do,” says Butch.
And with that the boys go to the portal.
Meanwhile, on Earth, the Dominants have been informed that Dabbie has failed.  
“These boys are beginning to become a nuisance.  No matter what they do, at the end it’s us humans or those freaks; and we will show them.  We are the dominant race,” says the shadow of the leader.
Meanwhile, the boys go through the portal.
“So, where are we now?” says Boomer.
“Hmm, looks like we’re back on Earth,” says Butch.  
“On Earth…but where?” says Boomer.
And the boys look at the military base.
“There’s a military base, but whose?” says Boomer.
“I’ll tell you whose…it’s G.I. Joes’,” says Brick.
Inside the base, Duke, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty are with are with General Hawk.  They were talking about the Cornerian Army.  
“A couple of months ago, the Cornerian Army began keeping an eye on us.  The question is, can we trust them?” says General Hawk.
“The reason they’re keeping an eye on us is because of the Dominants, and they did help us against the Titans in New York City, so I don’t think they’re invading us,” says Duke.
“How long do you think that will last?” says Scarlett.
The boys sneak in the base and overhear what they say.
“They still don’t trust the Cornerian Army,” says Boomer.
“Hmm, I wonder if they’re with the Dominants,” says Butch.
Suddenly, a soldier spotted them, and they realized they were caught.
“Okay, how does Optimus Prime put up with this?” says Brick.
The soldier sent them to General Hawk’s.
“I saw these boys sneaking around here,” says the soldier.
“How long have they been here?” says General Hawk.
“Long enough to hear you talking about the Cornerian Army,” says Brick.
“You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about it, right?” says General Hawk.
“Well, yeah!  That’s why we sneak around: to find out!” says Butch.
“Well, after the fall of C.O.B.R.A., we’ve been expecting other life forms to come to earth, like the Transformers, for example.  They have the ability to transform into cars, jets, and all kinds of vehicles,” says General Hawk.
“I’m very impressed with Optimus!  You guys don’t trust him, and he has to put up with it!  What’s next? You don’t trust ponies?” says Brick.
“Those ponies are not what they seem to be.  A pink one chopped C.O.B.R.A. Commander’s head off,” says General Hawk.
“Um, actually, it was the pink pony and Deadpool who did that,” says Boomer.
“Okay, that’s enough talk.  We know you’re with the Dominants,” says Butch.
“Um, we’re not with the Dominants,” says Scarlett.
“Oh, please! Like you told us, you’re the good guys, and yet you’re attacking them just because they’re not human, just like the Dominants.  Now, where are they,” says Brick.
Suddenly, the base was under attack by the Dominants.
“Okay…so you’re not with them,” says Brick.
“Joes, defend this base,” says General Hawk.
And with that, the Joes defend themselves against the Dominants.
“So, I guess we’re going to have to help them,” says Boomer.
A member of the Dominants walks in.
“So, you’re the boys who smash the Dominants like dominoes!” says the member.
“So, you’re the Dominants?” says Butch.
“That’s right.  I’m Flaminous,” says the member.
“What kind of name is that?! You use fire?!” says Boomer.
Flaminous was growing horns made of fire.
“Oh, so that means your horns are made of fire? Guess that totally makes sense,” says Boomer.
“That’s right.  And after I’m done with you three, you’ll be nothing but ashes!” says Flaminous.
And with that, the fight begins.  Flaminous charged at the boys.  But the boys get out of the way.
“We need to take this outside, the base might catch on fire!” says Brick.
Butch grabs Flaminous and throws him outside.
“This changed nothing.  No matter where or when, you will be burned,” says Flaminous.
“Looks like you need to be washed down,” says Brick, throwing a bucket of water at him.
“Ugh! Water! Curse you!” says Flaminous.
“Curse this!” says Butch, kicking him in the stomach, and knocking him out.
“Whelp, that takes care of that one,” says Butch.
Inside the base, the G.I. Joes are rounding up the rest of the Dominants.
“Well done, Joes,” says General Hawk.
“What about that other one with the fire horns?” says Heavy Duty.
“He’s been taken care of,” says Brick, throwing Flaminous’s body to General Hawk.
“So, you boys defeated him.  I’m impressed,” says General Hawk.
“Just here to stop the Dominants from destroying other worlds,” says Brick.
“So, what are you going to do with all these soldiers?” says Butch.
“We’re going to interrogate them.  And make them tell us what they’re up to,” says General Hawk.
“The Dominants are terrorists who terrorize non-humans,” says Boomer.
“You think protecting non-humans is going solve everything?  Some of us know how capable they are.  The Cornerian Army are non-humans and they’re here to keep an eye on us,” says General Hawk.
“And whose fault was that?” says Butch.
“Listen, we don’t want to fight.  All we want is to make sure of whose side is not a threat,” says Duke.
“They’re not going to attack you,” says Boomer.
“Forget it, they’re probably not going to listen,” says Brick.
And with that, the boys leave.  
“General Pepper, he sent you, didn’t he?” says General Hawk.
“Yeah, he did,” says Brick.
And with that, the boys use the watch to open the portal and go through it.
“Alright then, tell us everything you know,” says General Hawk to Flaminous.
“You are all fools and obsolete.  We…are…the Dominant Race,” says Flaminous.
Meanwhile, the boys are coming out of the portal.
“Hey, you know something? The ground is made of metal!” says Butch.
“So is the city!” says Boomer.
“Guess that means we’re on Cybertron,” says Brick.
Inside a building, Rodimus Prime is looking at Cybertron.
“This is a very peaceful planet. I wonder how Optimus is,” says Rodimus. Then the boys go to Rodimus.
“Uhh, excuse me, is there a chance you can tell us where a Prime is?” says Boomer.
“Of course! I’m a Prime,” says Rodimus.
“Oh, well in that case you can help us, right?” says Brick.
“Help you with what?” says Rodimus.
“Well, we expected that one of the dominant members is here,” says Brick.
“Dominant? I heard about them. But, how did they get here to Cybertron?” says Rodimus.
“It’s easy, they crossed dimensions,” says Butch.
Suddenly, Brick saw a sniper. The sniper shot at Rodimus but Brick caught the bullet with his mouth. Brick spit it out.
“Alright, show yourself!” says Rodimus. And the person leaps into the ground.
“So, you’ve got good eyes. It’s a shame you’re fighting on the wrong side,” says the person.
“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” says Rodimus.
“My name is Kammo,” says the person.
“Why are you here?” says Rodimus.
“I used to work for the CIA, Black Ops. to hunt all the Transformers. But now I work for the Dominance. With the help of the Dominance, I can destroy all the Transformers,” says Kammo.
“Take a good look. The war is over, and all they want is peace,” says Brick.
“I don’t care about that. They’re all dangerous. And those who side with them are my enemy,” says Kammo.
“Yeah, big talk for a scumbucket like you,” says Butch. And with that the fight begins. Kammo is shooting the boys, but the boys keep dodging the bullets.
“Give it up, you can’t beat us with ordinary bullets,” says Brick.
“In that case, I’ll use a big cannon,” says Kammo.
Kammo used his cannon into the sky and fires it. The beam scatters into millions of pieces. “In a few seconds, they will fall into Cybertron and this planet will finally be destroyed,”
“Autobots, this is a directive. Destroy those beams!” says Rodimus. The Autobots transform into jets and destroy the beams.
“Ha, it looks like your plan is ruined!” says Boomer.
“Not yet, I still have a chance,” says Kammo, putting his cannon into his arm.
“Well that’s not good,” says Butch.
“Now I will destroy you all,” says Kammo. He keeps firing at the boys, but something is wrong with his body. His body is changing.
“What happening to my body?” says Kammo.
“I think it has something to do with that cannon of his,” says Boomer.
“Okay, now’s our chance,” says Brick. The boys charge at Kammo and attack him, knocking him out.
“Hey, are you boys alright?” says Rodimus..
“Yeah, we’re fine. But his body changed,” says Brick.
“In that case, I’ll send me Autobots to investigate,” says Rodimus.
“Yeah, we’ll continue to stop the Dominance,” says Brick,
“You boys be careful, there’s something about this that isn’t right,” says Rodimus.
“Don’t worry, we will,” says Brick. The boys opened a portal and went through it.
The Autobots took Kammo’s body and the cannon with them to analyze it.
“What’s the situation?” says the Autobot.
“His organic cells are changing, and his behavior is very violent,” says another Autobot.
“I’ll destroy you all. We are the dominant race,” says Kammo.
“This is very troublesome. There’s no way he can be human. Or maybe he’s no longer human,” says the Autobot.
The boys land on a strange planet.
“So, where are we this time?” says Butch.
“I don’t know, but the sky looks pink,” says Boomer.
The boys saw a city with humans and anamorphic people in it.  
“Hmm…I wonder what this city is?” says Brick.
The boys go to the city and they found the mayor.
“So, you are the mayor of this city?” says Boomer.
“Why, yes, I am,” says the mayor.
“So, what’s this planet called?” says Brick.
“Why, you’re on planet Cymbo,” says the mayor.
“So, mind explaining the history of this planet?” says Brick.
“Of course.  There was a war between humans and anamorphic people.  The war nearly destroyed the planet, so both sides agreed to live in peace together.  Ever since then, we’ve lived together for a very long time,” says the mayor.
“Huh, that sounds cool,” says Butch.
“Yeah, and the best part of it: humans and anamorphic people can get married,” says the mayor.
Suddenly, Ronix shows up.
“Oh, it’s you again,” says Brick.
“Yeah, I’m going to destroy this planet,” says Ronix.
“For what reason?” says Boomer.
“The fact that humans and these animals are living together and getting married is disgusting!” says Ronix.
“Oh, boo hoo!  ‘Humans and animals are getting married!” says Butch.
“That’s enough talk.  We’ll settle this here and now,” says Ronix.
And with that, the fight begins.  Ronix turns his hand into a machine gun and tries to shoot the boys.
“Okay, that’s getting really crazy.  How does your body handle that?” says Brick.
“We, the Dominants have used a serum to make our bodies stronger.  Nothing can stop us.  Not the Cornerian Army.  Not the Autobots.  And certainly not you three,” says Ronix.
“Don’t bet on it,” says Butch.
Boomer kicks Ronix in the face, and Ronix grows wings and begins to fly.
“Don’t think it’s going to be that easy,” says Ronix.
Brick grabs Ronix’s wings and throws him to the ground.
“Give up.  You’re done,” says Brick.
“I’m not done yet.  I’m going to use my body as a living time bomb to blow up this planet!” says Ronix.
The boys grab Ronix and throw him into outer space, and he exploded.
“Man, that was really close,” says Boomer.
“Yeah, but he’s finally done for,” says Butch.
“Oh, thank you three for saving our lives,” says the mayor.
“It was nothing,” says Boomer.
“Yeah, we had to go to another dimension to stop them,” says Butch.
The boys open the portal.
“Your planet is very awesome,” says Boomer.
And with that, the boys go to the portal.  The portal opened to another dimension.  
“So, what world are we going to go to?” says Butch.
“Why, it’s Equestria!” says Brick.
Meanwhile, in her castle, Twilight is solving a problem.
“I just hope he’s ok,” says Twilight.
The boys go inside her castle and say hello.
“Hey Twilight, what’s up?” says Boomer.
“Oh, hello boys,” says Twilight.
“So, what are you up to?” says Brick.
“Just wondering…trying to find a good friend of ours…” says Twilight.
“Say…I’ve been wondering…where is Optimus Prime?” says Butch.
“Optimus Prime is missing,” says Twilight.
“Optimus is missing? Where is he?” says Boomer.
“I don’t know.  He left us a recording,” says Twilight.
She plays the recording, and it carries a message:
“My friends, you have been the most loyal allies I ever had, especially you, Bumble Bee.  But, I have nightmares…It began when I fought Bumble Bee.  And I told him to forgive me.  I don’t know what that means.  The nightmares keep turning into hallucinations. The hallucinations tell is Cybertron lives, then Earth must die.  So, I decided to leave Equestria to protect you all from myself.  So, to all of my friends, farewell,” says Optimus.  
And with that, the message ended.
“Hey, that doesn’t make any sense!  Optimus would never do that!” says Brick.
“I know.  He was always so kind.  I guess he doesn’t want anybody to suffer,” says Twilight.
Suddenly, the castle was under attack.  
“Oh, what is it this time?!” says Brick.
The group goes outside and see tanks.  A person walks outside the tank.  
“So…you’re the boys that cause a lot of trouble.  I’m Celunes,” he says.
“Ok, hotshot, why are you attacking Ponyville?” says Butch.
“I was part of the military that tried to conquer Equestria, but Optimus Prime was in my way.  And now, he’s gone.  I will easily conquer these animals,” says Celunes.
“You’ll have to go through us first,” says Sideswipe.
From behind Celunes came three Autobots, Sideswipe, Cliff Jumper, and Bumble Bee.
“Ha, looks like we have reinforcements!” says Butch.
“No matter.  A soldier does not quick in the heat of battle.  Instead, he crushes his enemies!” says Celunes.
With that, his tank transformed into a Mech.
“Hey, you Autobots take care of those tanks. We’ll take care of this guy,” says Brick.
“Will do,” says Sideswipe.
And with that, the boys charged at Celunes.  Celunes used his Mech to try and attack the boys, but the boys keep dodging the attacks.  Celunes punched the ground making dust appear.
“Where are you?  You can’t hide forever,” says Celunes.
The boys attack the leg of the Mech.  
“I’m not done yet!” says Celunes, throwing the fist at the boys.  But, Boomer kicks the fist, and they are destroying the hand of the Mech.
The boys use laser eyes to the chest of the Mech and make it explode.  Celunes falls to the ground.  
“To think! I lost to a bunch of Bronies!” says Celunes.
“Life sucks, doesn’t it?” says Brick.
“What about the strength of humanity?!” says Celunes.
“All that strength comes with a price. And also, those Autobots are even more human than you know,” says Boomer.
“You…if we have peace…what will happen…with the human race?  We soldiers...would lose…our purpose…” says Celunes.
And with that, he finally dies.
“Ugh, man…that was kind of brutal,” says Boomer.
The boys reunite with the group.
“Is everyone alright?” says Brick.
“Yeah, we’ve got things under control,” says Cliff Jumper.
“Well, we have to go.  See ya soon,” says Butch.
“Good luck,” says Twilight.
The boys open another portal.
“Don’t worry, Optimus Prime is really tough.  He’ll find a way.  He always has,” says Brick.
And with that, the boys go to the portal.  
It was afternoon.  Bumble Bee was thinking about Optimus.
“You’ve been thinking about him too, haven’t you?” says Twilight.
“Yeah,” says Bumble Bee.
“I’m sure he has a good reason,” says Twilight.
“I’m going to find him.  And whatever he’s facing, I’ll help him,” says Bumble Bee.
“Please, be careful,” says Twilight.
“I will,” says Bumble Bee.
And with that, Bumble Bee transformed into a car, and drove off hoping he could find Optimus.
Meanwhile, the boys are back on the Earth.
“You know…it’s strange…how do the Dominants keep going into all these dimensions?” says Brick.
Then, they got a call from their watches:
“Boys, I think I found the leader of the Dominants,” says General Pepper.
“Do you know where he is?” says Boomer.
“Yes.  Go to these coordinates,” says General Pepper.
The boys go to the coordinates.  
“This must be the place,” says Brick.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” says Butch.
The boys go inside of the base and find soldiers are inside the base.  
“Hmm…so, where is the leader?” says Boomer.
Then, they saw the leader walking in.
“So…all my elite forces have failed.  No matter.  My plan will be complete.  All I need is those boys out of the way,” says the leader.
“Hate to break it to you, jerk-face, but that’s going to be harder than it looks!” says Brick.
“So…you boys have made it this far…tell me, did that dog send you here?” says the leader.
“Yeah, only to break your face!” says Butch.
“Allow me to introduce myself… my name is Malistern.  And I’m glad you three are here,” he says.
“What do you mean?” says Boomer.
“Because, I made a perfect opponent for you three,” says Malistern.
Three people walk in, and they look like the Rowdy Rough Boys.
“Okay, what’s going on here?!  Why do they look like us?” says Brick.
“They are your clones.  They’re also made of chemical X like you, except they have no goodness in them.  They were like you in the past: no mercy, no remorse, not even the Power Puff Girls will be a match for them,” says Malistern.
“Don’t bet on it,” says Brick.
“Well, I would like to see you perish, but I’m going to show the world that we are the Dominant race.  My clones will take care of you,” says Malistern, walking away.
And the clones charged at the boys.
The boys defend themselves against the clones
“Okay, they look like us, they fight like us, so how are we going to beat them?” says Butch.
“Actually, there’s only one difference between us and them. We’re good guys now,” says Boomer.
“He’s right. There’s too much that’s at stake here. We’re going to have to fight as hard as we can,” says Brick. The boys fight their clones and after a few minutes they beat the clones. The boys look at their clones.
“Oh man, this takes us back to the old days,” says Boomer.
“That’s not us anymore,” says Brick.
“Yeah, come on. We have to find Malistern,” says Butch.
Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Malistern is having an announcement.
“You are wondering why I’m here.  You all well know that the United States of America has broken the peace treaty of Equestria and used Dark Energon to destroy other dimensions.  That is why the Cornerian Army is here to keep an eye on us. Well I’ll tell you , this is our planet. And we are the dominant race. That is why we did all those things. That is why we broke the peace treaty of Equestria. Because the human race is superior,” says Malistern.
“This person is mad!” says one of the leaders.
“Get him out of here!” says another leader. Two police men came but Malistern’s army appeared.
“A new order is here. We will eliminate all non-humans. Those who go against my beliefs will be crushed,” says Malistern.
The boys fly off to find Malistern.  Suddenly, his army appears.
“It looks like his army is here,” says Boomer.
“This must mean the Dominants are using their last trick,” says Brick.
“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” says Butch.
So the boys fight their way out against the soldiers and make it to the United Nations.
“You boys are really persistent,” says Malistern.
“Yeah, that’s right.  This is the end of all your plans, and the end of the Dominants,” says Boomer.
“Don’t pretend to be so noble.  I know about your past.  You were criminals since the day you were born.  You committed crime and you’ve put people in danger.  You are no different than me,” says Malistern.
“Yeah, but you know somethin’? It takes one to know one!  And you’re right, we did those things; but, one day, I was thinking about something…a friend told me that someone has great power and has great responsibility…so, that’s why we’re going to take you down and end all this!” says Brick.
“Well, it’s too late for that!  I have claimed all the leaders of the world, and next, I’ll destroy the Cornerian Army.  And then, I’ll wipe out everyone who’s not human, especially the universe itself!” says Malistern.
“Well, we aren’t going to let you do that,” says Butch.
Suddenly, a giant robot smashed into the building.
“Ah, my ultimate weapon!” says Malistern, getting inside the robot.
“Seriously?! A giant robot?! How many giant robots do the Dominants have?!” says Butch.
“And now, the time has come to destroy you three, for good!” says Malistern.
The boys battle the robot and gain the upper hand.
“Hmmm, you boys have lasted this long, I’ll give you that.  But this is where it all ends!” says Malistern, using a laser.  But, suddenly, the Power Puff Girls show up and destroy the laser.
“I’m glad to see you three!” says Brick.
“We’re glad to see you three, too!  You boys have been very busy!” says Blossom.
“So, you, Power Puff Girls show up…no matter.  You’re still going to be destroyed!” says Malistern.
“Wanna bet!” says Buttercup.
Suddenly, the Cornerian Army appears.
“All troops! Destroy that robot!” says the lieutenant.
The soldiers shoot the robot.
“It’s useless! My robot is invincible! Nobody can destroy it!” says Malistern.
“Don’t forget about us!” says Butch.
The boys and the girls charged at the robot, and together they quickly destroyed it.  But Malistern slowly got up.
“You…brats!  You have cost me so much!  I never had to imagine I’d need to use this!” says Malistern holding a shot.  He injects himself with it, and turns into a monster.  He has claws and his skin turns gray.  “Just in case something like this would happen, I thought I didn’t need it…but you boys push my limits and my patience!  Now, all of you freaks will die!” says Malistern, raising his claw, he swipes it destroying half of the Cornerian Army.
“Girls, get these leaders out of here!” says Brick.
“But what about you three?” says Bubbles.
“We’ll put an end to this,” says Boomer.
“If something happens to us, it’s up to you girls to stop him!” says Butch.
“Okay,” says Bubbles.
“Good luck you guys!” says Blossom.
The girls help the leaders escape.
“One more thing: give him hell!” says Buttercup.
“Will do!” says Butch.
The boys walk to Malistern.
“Let’s go!” says Malistern.
“Alright then, time to get rowdy!” says Brick.
And with that, they begin to fight.  Malistern tries to claw and slice them, but Boomer grabs one of the clawed fingers and throws Malistern into a wall.  Malistern jumps into the air and quickly shoots an energy beam from his mouth.  The boys use laser eyes to block the attack.  Malistern charges at them, and raises a fist against Brick, but Brick quickly avoids the fist, punching him in the stomach.  
“You know, the day you were created, when Mojo Jojo made you, you three were born for destruction…how ironic,” says Malistern.
“Weird fate, isn’t it?  But we decided to bring our own fate.  And our fate is to take you down,” says Brick.
“No.  I will not end this way.  This fight is supposed to show who is superior,” says Malistern.
“What?  You’re going to say humans are superior?  Just look at yourself! You turned yourself into a monster!  You’re no longer a human being anymore!” says Butch.
“I have evolved!  And I will destroy all who aren’t my kind!  And if I have to sacrifice my humanity, so be it!” says Malistern.
Malistern charges at them, but Boomer and Butch grab his arms and Brick kicks him in the face.
“YOU’RE FINISHED!” yell the boys.
The boys keep attacking him, and with one final attack, they punch Malistern in the chest.  Malistern was on the ground.
“Impossible!  How…can I…lose…to an experiment…gone wrong?!” says Malistern.
“You’re the experiment gone wrong,” says Boomer.
“No matter…we, the Dominants, will always beat them,” says Malistern.
“Sir!  We’re being overrun!” says a Dominant soldier to Malistern’s phone.
“What?!” says Malistern.
“The Cornerian Army is wiping us out!” says the soldier.
Then, the call ended.
“Hmph, looks like your plan is over,” says Butch.
“No…this can’t be happening!  The human race…can’t allowed…to be with non-human!  It is…preposterous!” says Malistern.
“That’s why you attacked Equestria…because they’re not human.  Or maybe you just want humans to be strong.  Either way, you’re done for,” says Brick.
Malistern finally dies.
The next day, the news reported that the Cornerian Army has finally destroyed the Dominants.  And the boys saw this.  
“Eh, they should’ve talked about us.  We took care of the leader!” says Butch.
“Eh, I’m just glad they finally got rid of them,” says Brick.
General Pepper is on the news.
“The terrorist organization known as the Dominants has been thwarted thanks to three brave humans, known as the Rowdyruff Boy,” says General Pepper.
“Hey! He’s talking about us!” says Boomer.
The Powerpuff Girls show up.
“Settle down!  That battle took a lot out of you!” says Blossom.
“Well, at least it’s finally over,” says Boomer.
“You know, I remember the first day we were created.  Things change a lot,” says Brick.
“Yeah, things do change.  Who knew you three could be heroes, like us?” says Blossom.
“Well, I’m sure we are.  And you know something?  We like to keep it that way,” says Boomer.
Spyro The Dragon in Lord of The Rigs
                                                                                                                          Spyro The Dragon in lord of the rings

In Middle Earth, a dark dragon is making a ring of darkness.
“At last…with this ring I will conquer Middle Earth,” says the dark dragon.
Meanwhile, in Spyro’s world, Spyro the Dragon is getting bored.
“Man, I haven’t been on an adventure in a long time,” says Spyro.
Then, his dragonfly friend, Sparx, appears.
“Oh, hey Sparx, how’s it going?” says Spyro.
Sparx just nodded.  Then, they saw a portal.  
“I wonder if there’s something there in that world,” says Spyro.  With that, Spyro and Sparx go to the portal, and cross into Middle Earth.  
Meanwhile, in a small village, Gandalf is visiting the hobbits, Frodo Baggins and Sam.  
“Oh, it has been so long,” says Gandalf.
“It’s not been too long,” says Sam.  
“Indeed,” says Gandalf.  
“So, how is it with you?” says Frodo.
“It’s been good.  Middle Earth has been at peace for a very long time,” says Gandalf.
“Let’s hope it stays that way,” says Sam.
Suddenly, there is fire in the village.
“What is going on?!” says Sam.
There’re orcs attacking the village.  
“We must defend this village and its people!” says Gandalf.
Spyro was looking at Middle Earth.  
“Wow, this place is very beautiful,” says Spyro.
Sparx is looking at the burning village, warning Spyro.
“Hey, that village is in trouble!  I better get down there!” says Spyro.
Gandalf and the hobbits defend themselves against the orcs.  One orc is about to kill a little girl, but Spyro charges at the orc with his horns.
“Kill the dragon!” yells one of the orcs.
The orcs charge at Spyro, but Spyro defends himself against the orcs.
“This dragon is really tough!” says one of the orcs.
Gandalf quickly stabs the orc.
“You better get out of here if you know what is god for you!” says Spyro.
The orcs are retreating, but the dark dragon comes and burns the orcs.
“Worthless orcs!” says the dark dragon.  The dark dragon looks at Spyro.  “Ah…a dragon…defending these humans.  That would be the day!” says the dark dragon.
“And who are you?” says Spyro.
“I am Gurniss,” says the dark dragon.
“What do you want?” says Spyro.  
“I want…to burn…the humans,” says Gurniss, wearing a dark ring.  “This ring is made of the blood of the orcs who perished during the Battle of Middle Earth.
“That’s impossible!” says Gandalf.
“But, it is not impossible, and once I destroy the human race, their blood will be mine!” says Gurniss.
“Sounds like a cliché of bad guys!” says Spyro.
“Insolent fool! You will burn like the rest of them!” says Gurniss.  And with that, Gurniss breathes fire at Spyro, but Spyro breathes fire back at him.
“Ha ha ha ha…it seems you have more fire in you, but you still have a lot to learn.   What is your name, dragon?” says Gurniss.
“The name’s Spyro.”
“Well then, Spyro, I look forward to our next encounter.  Until we meet again…” laughs Gurniss.
“Oh, no.  I think this might start another war,” says Gandalf.
“You mean this has happened before?” says Spyro.
“Indeed, this has.  Say, you are a brave dragon, aren’t you…Spyro? Was it?” says Gandalf.
“Yeah, and this is my dragonfly friend, Sparx,” says Spyro.
“Well then, in that case, we have to warn our friends of this crisis.  So, I guess you want to join with us?” says Gandalf.
“Sure,” says Spyro.
And with that, the group goes to a castle and meets with Aragorn.
“Ah! Gandalf! It is good to see you!” says Aragorn.
“It is good to see you too, but we are facing a crisis.  A dark dragon is holding a dark ring which holds the blood of the orcs who have fallen during the Battle of Middle Earth,” says Gandalf.
“Does this mean we are facing another war?” says Aragorn.
“I’m afraid so,” says Gandalf.  
“There used to be a battle here?” says Spyro.
“Indeed.  And who are you?” says Aragorn.
“He is Spyro, and he wishes to help us with the orcs,” says Gandalf.
“In that case, thank you for your bravery,” says Aragorn.
“You’re welcome.  So, that means we’re going to have an army?” says Spyro.
“Indeed, and also going to have some old friends,” says Aragorn.
And with that, Aragorn sent bird messages to Legolas and Gimli.  Legolas and Gimli ride their horses to the castle.  
“Ah, it’s good to see you two,” says Aragorn.
“It is nice to see you too,” says Gimli.
“Oh, so you two are friends of his, that’s nice,” says Spyro.
“A dragon?  What’s a dragon doing here?” says Gimli.
“He is here to help us,” says Gandalf.
“And what is the crisis?” says Legolas.
“A dark dragon is holding a dark ring,” says Gandalf.
“And it is our job to stop him,” says Spyro.
“Well then, why don’t we get started?” says Gimli.
“Right now,” says Aragorn.
And with that, the group goes on a quest.  Little do they know that Gurniss is watching them in a crystal orb.
“So, they’re on their way…perhaps it is time to slow them down,” says Gurniss.
Meanwhile, the group is continuing their quest.  
“Wow, these trees are beautiful,” says Spyro.
“Indeed, but I fear they will not last,” says Gandalf.
“So, there used to be a war here…what happened?” says Spyro.
“There are rings, but one controls them all.  A man named Saruman desired power, and with that, the war began.  We defeated him and destroyed the ring and peace has remained until now,” says Gandalf.
“Well, looks like we’re going to stop this dragon guy,” says Spyro.  
“Don’t get over confident,” says Gimli.
Suddenly, orcs are chasing them.
“Oh, these orcs never quit!” says Gimli.
“Quickly!  To the mountains!” says Gandalf.
And with that, the group goes to the mountains.  And the orcs are chasing them.  Spyro breathes fire on the ice, forcing them to slide to reach the orcs, smashing half of them.
“He’s just one dragon! How the Hell do you let one dragon do this to you?!” says one of the orcs.
“Better luck next time!” says Spyro.
The orcs are firing arrows.
“I think you’ve made them angry!” says Gimli.
Legolas is firing arrows back at the orcs.
“Hey!  I think we’ve found an exit!” says Spyro.
And with that, the group goes to the exit.
“Well then, that was really quick thinking, using ice to destroy half of them,” says Gimli.
“Thanks.  These orcs are really not that bright,” says Spyro.  
Gurniss saw this in his crystal orb.
“Raaagh! These orcs are completely worthless!  I must make my own army!” says Gurniss.
It was night and the group was making a fire.
“It seems that the orcs have stopped chasing us for now,” says Gandalf.
“Yes, but I fear something even worse is going to happen,” says Aragorn.
“Whatever that dragon’s up to, we’ll stop him,” says Spyro.
“Indeed,” says Gimli.
“The stars, they’re so beautiful today,” says Spyro.
“of course, they always come at night,” says Legolas.
“Well, we should all get some rest now,” says Gandalf. The group finally rest.
The next morning, Spyro smelled the air. “Something isn’t right,” The trees were burning. “Hey,
everyone! Wake up!” says Spyro.
“What could have possibly done this?” says Gimli. Suddenly, demon dragons appear.
“Your world will burn, and you along with it,” says one of the demon dragons.
“Not if I’m still around,” says Spyro. And with that, Spyro attacks the demon dragons. He was getting the upper hand until a demon dragon came behind him and blew fire at Spyro, but Spyarx shielded the blast.
“Out of my way, insect,” says the demon dragon pushing Spyarx to the side.
“Spyarx, no!” says Sypro.
“You will join him,” says the demon dragon. Aragorn charged at the demon dragon and sliced its head off.
“Come, we have to get out of here,” says Aragorn. The group goes to a village and Spyarx is laying down on a bed.
“This is all my fault. I should be more careful, he wouldn’t be in this mess,” says Spyro.
“He’ll be alight. All he needs is some rest,” says Gandalf.
“I was reckless,” says Spyro.
“Come now. You were reckless, but he’ll still live to fight another day. We are going to stop that dark dragon. So what do you say?” says Gimli.
“Okay, I’m in,” says Spyro.
Meanwhile, Gurniss is preparing his demon dragons for conquering Middle Earth.
“The time has come to destroy all living things in Middle Earth,” says Gurniss.  “For every village, every castle, an awakening of destruction awaits them.  And now, we will come to battle,” he says. And the demon dragons war.
Meanwhile, the group gathers all the good creatures in Middle Earth.
“We all face a threat.  A dragon holds a dark ring and claims he will destroy us all.  We must stand together to defeat this threat,” says Aragorn.
The group agreed.  A couple of hours later, all the creatures of Middle Earth bring their army and they see Gurniss and his army.  
“It seems they are preparing for one last battle.  Very well then.  Let them.  This will be their grave,” says Gurniss.
Both armies charged at each other.  Spyro was walking into the battle field.  
“I’m doing this for Sparx,” says Spyro, flying off to find to face Gurniss.  
“So, you’ve come all this way to face me…” says Gurniss.
“Yeah, and I’m going to end this,” says Spyro.
“Pathetic dragon.  You realize that all these creatures are doomed.  The Age of the Dragon has begun,” says Gurniss.
“Not with you, and that ring of yours,” says Spyro.
“Then perish,” says Gurniss.
With that, they both charge at each other, battling in the sky.  They both breathe fire at each other.  Gurniss tries to scratch Spyro, but he gets away and scratches Gurniss in his eye.
“You…injured me!  No matter, I will use the ring to gain more power,” says Gurniss.  The ring absorbs his blood, and gives Gurniss strength.  Gurniss grabs a castle with one hand and throws it at Spyro.  Spyro breaks the window, and heads out through the door of the castle, making it out safely.  Spyro bites one of Gurniss’s wings off.
“Enough!” yells Gurniss, slapping Spyro to the ground.  Gurniss uses the blood of the demon dragons to repair himself.
“What’s going on?” says Gimli.
“He’s sacrificing half of him army to recover himself,” says Legolas.
Spyro sees that Gurniss’s wing has healed.
“You sacrificed your own soldiers for this?!  You are a coward!” says Spyro.
“Fool!  To win a war, you must do what is necessary! Soldiers are meant to be sacrificed!  You are nothing!” says Gurniss.
Aragorn is charging at Gurniss, stabbing him in the hand.
“Get off me, you worm!” says Gurniss, pushing him off to the side.
Spyro quickly grabs Aragorn to safety.  
“He’s still hurt,” says Aragorn.
“I bet that sword might do the trick,” says Spyro.  Spyro flies to the sword, picking it up with his mouth, then chops off the finger with the dark ring on it.
“NO! Not my ring!” says Gurniss, trying to catch the ring.  But Spyro smashes the ring with the sword.  Gurniss is growing weaker.  Spyro flies off, breathing fire on Gurniss.  Gurniss is burning up.
“NO…without the ring…I…lose my lifespan…”
The demon dragons are starting to decay into nothing but bones.  Gurniss saw his army being destroyed, and saw his hand slowly decaying, too.  And then, he turned into nothing but bones, then slowly turned to dust.
The next day, Aragorn knights Spyro.  
“Thanks to your bravery, Middle Earth is safe, and peace is returning.  I, Aragorn, knight you, Spyro the Dragon.”
“Thank you, Aragorn,” says Spyro.
Then Sparx appears, too.
“Sparx!  You’re back in health!” says Spyro.
Sparx nodded.  
“I believe it’s time you two returned to your world,” says Gandalf.
“Well, see you guys next time!” says Spyro.
“Until we meet again,” says Gandalf.
And with that, Spyro and Sparx find a portal to their world and return home.  While in his home, Spyro appreciates the peace that his world has.
DmC Devil May Cry:Hellsing
                                                                 DmC Devil May Cry: Hellsing
In London, demons are gathering around in one place.

“Why are we here?” says one of the demons.
“How should I know?” says another demon. Suddenly, a person in the shadow walks towards the demons.
“Well, you demons are all here, right?” says the person.
“Wait a minute, you’re the one who sent us?” says one of the demons.
“I send you all for a job if you’re not too incompetent,” says the person.
“No one tells me what to do!” says one of the demons, charging at the person. But the person ripped his arm off.
“Listen, we have a common enemy. I want you to destroy the Son of Sparda,” says the person.
Meanwhile, in the city, Dante is fighting demons while talking on his cell phone.
“Hello, I’m kind of busy so…it has to be important,” says Dante.
“I’m terribly sorry sir, but here in Equestria these monsters are making a mess,” says the pony.
“So why can’t you just send the Autobots?” says Dante.
“Well they’re in Ponyville relaxing and I don’t want to disturb them,” says the pony.
“Okay, where are you at?” says Dante.
“At the Crystal Empire,” says the pony.
“Okay, I’ll get there as fast as I can,” says Dante.
One by one Dante killed the demons, but even more demons appeared.
“Okay guys, this is kind of getting old. I have to be somewhere. Really quickly, I don’t have much time for you,” says Dante.
“Your blood will stain the ground,” says one of the demons.
“Now, now, he’s a very busy man. So, I’m going to ask you all to continue this another time,” says the person walking into the battlefield.
“And who are you supposed to be?” asked one of the demons. The person removes his hat and reveals himself as Alucard.
“It’s just one human,” laughs a demon. The demon charged at him and attacked him, but Alucard was getting up.
“Is that all you can do? That is truly pathetic,” says Alucard. And with that, Alucard raised his two guns and one by one he killed all the demons.
“You’re not human, are you?” asked Dante.
“And neither are you,” says Alucard.
“So, are you a demon?” says Dante.
“I am a vampire, and as much as I’d like to continue this conversation, I believe you had to go somewhere very important,” says Alucard.
“Oh, that’s right. The Crystal Empire,” says Dante. Dante leaves. He found his friend Kat.
“Kat, do you one of those portal things?” says Dante.
“Yeah, just got it,” says Kat.
“Okay, let’s do this,” says Dante. And with that, the two go to Equestria and enter the Crystal Empire. They saw monsters terrorizing the ponies.
“Hey ugly!” shouts Dante to the monsters. Dante charges at the monsters and slays them.
It was the afternoon, and the ponies thanked Dante.
“Oh, thank you so much,” says one of the ponies.
“Ah, it was nothing. It’s what I do,” says Dante.
“The Crystal Empire is so beautiful. I can’t believe it used to be a battlefield,” says Kat.
“Indeed, but thanks to you the Crystal Empire is safe once again,” says one of the ponies.
“Yeah, I have to get back to the human world. There’s still some demons I have to take care of,” says Dante.
“I wonder why a human like him puts himself in dangerous situations,” says one of the ponies.
“Actually, he’s a Nephilim, half demon, half angel. His mom’s an angel, and his dad is a demon. There aren’t any more left,” says Kat.
Dante looks at the sun, wondering if there are other Nephilims. The next day, in the human world, Dante and Kat are walking in the streets when they cross with Alucard and Seras Victoria.
“Oh, it’s you again,” says Dante.
“Greetings, I am Seras Victoria, and my Master would like to speak to you,” she says.
“And where is your master?” says Dante.
“At London,” says Seras.
“Oh, that’s really kind of far away from here,” says Dante.
“What if I told you…there are more Nephilims?” says Alucard.
“What?” says Dante.
“Come with us, and all your questions will be answered,” says Alucard. The group goes to London in a plane. They go to a mansion and come across Integra Hellsing.
“So, you must be Dante,” says Integra.
“And who are you supposed to me?” says Dante.
“I’m Integra Hellsing, the leader of the Hellsing Organization. We’ve kept a good eye on you. And as far as I know, you are a bloody bronie,” says Integra.
“Pfft…whatever. So what am I here for?” says Dante.
“There are demons in London. There’s always someone who is controlling these demons. If you can help us, we’ll tell you where the rest of the Nephilims are. After all, they are your kind,” says Integra.
“Well, I’ve got nothing better to do,” says Dante.
Dante and Kat go outside.  
“Are you sure what they’re saying is the truth?” says Kat.
“I’m not sure, but there’re these demons in London, so that’s what I’m here for,” says Dante.
“You’re very motivated, I like that,” says Alucard, walking towards the two.
“So, why don’t we get started,” says Dante.
“Tonight,” says Alucard.
So, it was night and the group went to a church.
“So, that’s where all the demons are,” says Dante.
“Well, you better be careful, things are going to get rough,” says Seras Victoria.
“I like it rough,” says Dante.  And with that, Dante kicked the door down.  All the demons looked at him.  
“So, this is where all you guys have been hiding,” says Dante.
“There he is, the son of Sparda!” says one of the demons.
“That’s right, but you can call me Dante the Demon Killer,” says Dante.
“He’s just one person!  Let’s tear him apart, piece by piece!” says one of the demons.
The demons charge at Dante, but one by one, Dante slays the demons.
“Well, it seems that these demons are no match for him…they must be weak,” says Alucard.
A demon is behind Alucard, but Alucard shoots the demon.  There is only one demon left in the church.
“You can stay and die, or you can scram.  It’s your call,” says Dante.
Suddenly, someone threw a spear at the demon.  Dante looks behind himself, and sees an angel.
“Who are you?” says Dante.
“My name is Celanimus,” says the angel.
“So…why are you here?” says Dante.
“I’m a friend of your mother, Eva,” says Celanimus.
“You’re a friend of my mom’s?” says Dante.
“Indeed, I heard that she has two sons; so, where is your brother?” says Celanimus.
“He grew mad with power, so I had no choice but to take him out,” says Dante.
“Oh, I am terribly sorry about that,” says Celanimus.
“So, you’re going to help me fight the demons?” says Dante.
“Yes, but not yet.  If you want to know about your mom, come with me in another time.  Until we meet again…” says Celanimus.
And with that, he flies off.
“I wonder how much he knows about my mom…” thought Dante.
The next day, the group returns to the mansion.  
“This angel shows up, and he says he knows my mom,” says Dante.
“That is a very interesting story,” says Integra Hellsing.
“Do you think he knows about the Nephilims?” says Dante.
“I’m not sure about that, but he might have some answers that you want,” says Integra.
“Well, I guess I’m going to ask him personally,” says Dante.
“Be careful, it might be a trap,” says Integra.
With that, Dante goes outside.
“So, you’re going to find this angel person?” asks Seras Victoria.
“Guess I am,” says Dante.
“I hope you find what you’re looking for,” says Seras Victoria.
“Thanks, that means a lot to me,” says Dante.
And with that, Dante is on his way to find Celanimus.  It was nighttime, and Dante looks all over London to find Celanimus.
“I wonder where he can be?” says Dante.
“I knew you would find me,” says Celanimus.  
“So, you know everything about my mom, don’t you?” says Dante.
“Indeed, we’ve known each other for a very long time.  You might say I fell in love with her.  However, she fell in love with a demon, Sparda.  They hide themselves so the demons will never find them.  However, it is I who sent the demons to capture Sparda,” says Celanimus.
“You did what?!” says Dante.
“It was inconceivable; angels and demons should never fall in love with each other.  So, I did what needed to be done, by punishing Sparda,” says Celanimus.
Dante pulls out his two guns and shoots him.  “You put my whole family in danger, you son-of-a-b-word!” shouts Dante.
“You are just like your father.  You think you can just change your fate.   The truth is, your fate is to perish,” says Celanimus, grabbing Dante by the throat.  “It is said that the Nephilim have both the power of Heaven and of Hell.  That is why the Nephilim have to be exterminated.  They are too dangerous, and that includes you,” says Celanimus.
Suddenly, Seras Victoria pulls a shotgun on Celanimus, and shoots him in the face, forcing him to release Dante.
“Are you ok?” says Seras Victoria.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” says Dante.
“Well, this is unexpected.  I expected that to actually hurt, but I have underestimated the humans for far too long.  It is my duty to destroy the human race for good,” says Celanimus, flying away.
“We have to get back.  I think he’s behind all the demons’ attacks,” says Dante.
And with that, the two go back to the mansion and explain to everyone what has happened.  
“So, he’s behind all this.  Well then, in that case, Alucard, Seras Victoria, and Dante, you must stop him at all costs,” says Integra Hellsing.
“Got it,” says Dante.
With that, the three leave outside.  Integra was coughing and holding her chest.
“No…not yet!” says Integra.
Outside, London is under the attack of demons.
“Hey, you go and stop the angel.  We’ll deal with these demons,” says Seras Victoria to Dante.
“They say a Nephilim can slay a demon king, so you might have a chance against him,” says Alucard.
“Okay, wish me luck, you two!” says Dante.  With that, Dante leaves to find Celanimus.
Celanimus saw the chaos from a tower.  Dante put a gun behind him.
“Well, I didn’t expect a Nephilim like you to go this far,” says Celanimus.
“Why are you doing this?” says Dante.  
“Because, humans create chaos.  One time, they declared war against the Heavens themselves, their leaders worked with Satan,” says Celanimus.
“Dude, Satan is dead! Get the Hell over it!” says Dante.
“How many times have the humans created destruction?  You of all people should know that,” says Celanimus.  
“Don’t give me that!  You told the demons about where my family was!  And because of you, my mom is dead!” says Dante.
“I love her, but she chose her fate.  And now, you will die, just like your mother,” says Celanimous.  And with that, Dante and Celanimus begin to fight.  Celanimus uses his spear to attack Dante, and Dante uses his sword to attack Celanimus.  Their battle is forcing the building to collapse.  They are both falling, but still fighting.  Dante stabs Celanimus in the chest.  
“See you in Hell!” says Dante, kicking him to the ground.  Dante leaps from rubble to rubble, and he lands on the ground.  Celanimus stabs Dante from behind.  
“This is the end of you!  So, after you, I’m going to destroy the humans.  No man, woman, or child will be safe from my wrath!” says Celanimus.
Dante uses Devil Trigger.  His jacket turns red, and he punches Celanimus, and pulls the spear out of himself; he holds a scythe which holds the power of Heaven, and an ax which holds the power of Hell.  He attacks Celanimus relentlessly.  Dante chops off his wings.  
“You are no angel.  You are a demon! And with that, you’re going to be burned in Hell!” says Dante.  With that, he chops off Celanimus’s head off.
The next day, the group goes to Integra’s death bed.  
“Sorry about what happened, but at least you made your parents proud,” says Integra.
“I’m sure they are,” says Dante.
“The Nephilims are in a village.  They need your help,” says Integra.
“Something bad’s going to happen?” says Dante.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to find that out on your own.  Farewell,” says Integra, closing her eyes for the last time.  
Dante and Kat are about to leave.
“You’re going there, aren’t you?” says Seras Victoria.
“I have to, because, who knows?  I think the Nephilims just want to live in peace,” says Dante.
“In that case, you should repair yourself,” says Alucard.
“Don’t worry, I will,” says Dante.
And with that, Dante and Kat go to find the Nephilims.


No journal entries yet.


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Dylan c
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Dylan has been developing his style of character study into a form that is now fully his own. After attending the art program for several weeks, Dylan had already created many colored drawings of heroes from comics, TV shows, video games and movies. He always makes sure to avoid the villains, no matter how famous or memorable.

Working with staff, Dylan was able to find a way to incorporate many of his drawings into a final image for our art shows. He did this via learning a step-by- step process within Photoshop.

Photoshop is a powerful tool and an industry standard for many designers, photographers and illustrators. It is able to bend to countless uses, including Dylan’s superhero collages.

Dylan begins by drawing his character(s) of the day


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